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Which month does Yulong Snow Mountain go best? What do I need to prepare to go to Yulong Snow Mounta

Which month does Yulong Snow Mountain go best? What do you need to prepare to go to Yulong Snow Mountain? In addition to Lijiang ancient city, Yulong Snow Mountain is also one of the hot spots that can't be missed when you go to Lijiang for tourism. When you get to the top of the mountain, this sacred mountain among Naxi people will be shocked by its magnificent scenery. The friends who want to climb it should also make relevant preparations in advance.

Yulong Snow Mountain is the best in a few months

Many tourists will choose to go to Yulong Snow Mountain in winter. While enjoying the snow scenery, they can also experience the stimulation of skiing. The best travel time of Yulong Snow Mountain is from November to march of the next year. At this time, the temperature on the mountain is relatively low, the snow is thick, and the snow scenery is also the most beautiful. There are many small scenic spots in Yulong Snow Mountain scenic area. Tourists can plan the tour route according to their own itinerary The scenic spots to be visited include Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Ganhaizi and impression Lijiang. If you have enough time, you can visit yunshanping, yakuping, Baishui River and other scenic spots one by one.

What to prepare for going to Yulong Snow Mountain

1. The highest altitude of Yulong Snow Mountain is about 5596 meters, and the elevation of cableway is also 4506 meters, so many people will worry about the problem of altitude response. They will wonder if they want to bring a can of oxygen to the mountain. Xiaobian thinks it's better to prepare a can just in case there will be different levels of altitude response due to different physical conditions, and the response will be smaller if they climb the plateau slowly.

2. The altitude of Yulong Snow Mountain is relatively high and the temperature is very low, so we must wear down clothes. Even in summer, we must wear down clothes, and prepare other clothes to keep out the cold. Long sleeved sweaters, down vests or vest, the wind on the top of the mountain is very cold, and we can wear gloves, etc.

3. It is recommended to wear sunscreen. Although the temperature of snow mountain is low, the ultraviolet rays are really strong. Sunscreen should be applied and sunglasses should be worn, otherwise the eyes cannot be opened.

4. The shoes for climbing Yulong Snow Mountain must be properly prepared. Ordinary climbing shoes are OK. It's not necessary to wear snow boots, but they must be waterproof and antiskid. It's better to choose light shoes, so climbing won't be too tired.

Many people choose to go to Yulong Snow Mountain in winter, and many people go in summer, because they can just go for summer vacation. No matter what season they go, they should be prepared for climbing, and some necessities must be prepared.