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Can passport be used as ID card? Can I board a plane only with my passport?

Sometimes it's easy to lose the important ID cards when I'm busy on the plane. I lost my ID card, but I have to board the plane soon, and I don't have time to apply for a temporary ID card. There is only a passport left on me. Can I use my passport as an ID card? Can I use my airplane passport instead of my ID card?

Can passport be used as ID card

Can passports be used as identity cards? You must understand clearly that passports can not be used as identity cards. Passports are a kind of passport for citizens to travel through international ports of various countries. They are legal identity documents and have the same legal effect as identity cards. But they are not unconditionally mixed. Identity cards are not equal to passports. Passports are used internationally and identity cards are countries For internal use, for example, when going abroad, the customs only recognizes the passport, but not the ID card. For example, when you need to handle some documents, you only recognize the ID card. The passport cannot be used as an agent, such as when you handle the marriage certificate.

Can an air passport replace an ID card

If the ID card is lost and only the passport is used for taking the plane, the passengers taking the domestic flight shall present the valid ID card and valid boarding certificate, which include resident ID card, temporary resident ID card, passport, officer card, civilian cadre card, compulsory soldier card, Sergeant card, civilian personnel card, employee card, armed police officer card, armed police soldier card Seaman's certificate, pass for Hong Kong and Macao residents to and from the mainland, etc. the passport of the people's Republic of China can be used as an effective boarding identity document to handle the procedures of ticket purchase, check-in and security inspection for domestic flights. When passengers take domestic flights, they shall use the same valid identity card for ticket purchase, check-in and security check-in procedures.

I'm not sure about these two questions. My friend read the introduction of Xiaobian. Now I should know the answer. No matter whether I'm allowed or not, I.D. is very important. I.D. must be kept well. Now I.D. cards and passports for flying have been checked together.