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Is Thailand a good place to travel freely or with the group? Let's take the tourism strategy of Thai

In recent years, more and more people have traveled abroad, especially to Thailand. Many people choose Thailand for the first time when they go abroad. They are more confused about their first inexperienced friends. Is it better for Thailand to travel freely or with a group?

Thailand's free travel or with the group

In fact, the answer to the question of whether to follow the group or to travel freely in Thailand is that I don't like the group travel very much. I always think it's a way of traveling through the field, and I can't really experience the experience that I should have during the journey. If you choose to go freely, you have enough strategies, and then you have some advantages in communication , then take a big step forward.

Chiang Mai

Day1: sutieshan (1.5 hours) & rarr; shuanglongsi (1 hour) & rarr; pupinggong (1 hour) & rarr; Chiang Mai University (1 hour) & rarr; ningman Road (1.5 hours)

We chose Chiang Mai as the first stop in Thailand, which is also one of the most popular tourist cities in Thailand. Chiang Mai University, Pu Ping palace and other popular scenic spots must go to punch card. Generally, we choose two cars as the main means of transportation. There is no fixed route for the red car, and the starting price is 20 baht / person. The price is increased according to the distance.

Day2: Paxin Temple (1 hour) & rarr; qidilong Temple (1.5 hour) & rarr; ancient city of Chiang Mai (2 hours) & rarr; tapaimen (1 hour) & rarr; Sunday night market (2 hours)

Today's main itinerary is to play in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, because most of the scenic spots in Chiang Mai are concentrated here. There are many relics and places of interest here. You can feel the quiet streets when you travel. The most recommended one is the Sunday market after six o'clock, which is the domestic night market. Anyway, Xiaobian is most interested in this. Take a look, eat, drink and have fun Now.

Bai County

Day3: handstand house (20 minutes) & rarr; BAIXIAN Post Office (0.5 hours) & rarr; yellow house (1 hour) & rarr; big swing and Motel (0.5 hours) & rarr; BAIXIAN night market (2 hours)

Then the second stop is BAIXIAN. Go to BAIXIAN directly from Chiang Mai. You can rent a motorcycle or charter a car to slowly visit some moderate tourist attractions in BAIXIAN. Friends who want to take photos can choose the inverted hut and BAIXIAN post office. If the post office is available, you can also send postcards. Next, we can go to the famous tree swing. The evening arrangement is to visit the night market.

Day 4: BAIXIAN Grand Canyon (1 hour) & rarr; World War II Memorial Bridge

Today, you can go to BAIXIAN Grand Canyon, which is the highest point of BAIXIAN county. Standing here, you can see the panorama of BAIXIAN county. The whole person has a kind of relaxed and happy feeling. Then you can go to the World War II Memorial Bridge, which is also a photography place that can exclude large areas. After the end of the trip at night, you can fly straight to Bangkok.


Day5: Grand Palace (3 hours) & rarr; WOFO Temple (0.5 hours) & rarr; zhengwangmiao (0.5 hours) & rarr; Kaoshan Road (2 hours) & rarr; Meinan River (2 hours)

This is another popular tourist city in Thailand. The first stop for many people to come to Thailand is this place. In the morning, they can visit the Grand Palace and Wofo temple. In the afternoon, they can visit the Zhengwang temple. Then they can hang out on Kaoshan road and arrange a night tour of the Meinan river.

Day6: tanunshado water market (2 hours) & rarr; Sifu (0.5 hours) & rarr; Chinatown (Bangkok) (2 hours)

The dannen Sanduo aquatic market is the location of "the detective of Chinatown". This place is also a favorite of Xiaobian. You can eat and stroll while you can also deeply feel the most primitive culture of Thailand. In the afternoon, I went to the four most fragrant Buddhas in Bangkok. Every day, believers from all over the world came to make vows and worship, and then strolled in Chinatown.

Day7: Victory Monument (0.5 hours) & rarr; Thailand King Power royalty free (downtown Bangkok store) & rarr; terminal 21 shopping mall (2 hours)

↠ Bangkok riverside night market (3 hours)

It must be shopping to Bangkok, so you can go shopping after visiting the victory monument in the morning. It's very cheap to buy cosmetics in Thailand, so you can choose slowly. In the evening, you can go to the riverside night market of Bangkok to eat food and have a look at the night scene to finish the journey of Mangu.


Day8: Pattaya Beach (2 hours) & rarr; Tiffany show (1.5 hours)

The best way to travel to Pattaya is to waste time. The most comfortable way Xiaobian chooses is to rent a lounge chair to bask in the sun, blow the sea breeze, enjoy the afternoon, and watch a famous Tiffany show at night.

Day9: Dongba Paradise (2 hours) & rarr; Sifang water market / Sihe town water town (2 hours) & rarr; Shangtai Pattaya Beach Shopping Center (2 hours)

In the morning, you can go to Dongba park to enjoy the scenery, folk custom performance, elephant performance, and also experience riding elephants. You can have a close contact with them. Then you can take a bus to the four directions water market, the location of the shooting of "Du Lala promotion". In the afternoon, you can go to Shangtai Pattaya Beach shopping center, the largest department store in the region. There are many famous shops here. You can choose Thai handicrafts as gifts for your friends.

Day10: Thailand tropical fruit garden (3 hours)

On the last day, you can go to Thailand tropical fruit garden to taste all kinds of fruits and learn about all kinds of tropical fruits. In the afternoon, you can go back to Bangkok and then go back to China to finish the 10-day trip perfectly.

It's better to choose a free travel or a group in Thailand according to your actual situation. It's possible that the way of travel is more pleasant, but the group also has the advantages of the group, so you can choose it rationally. The above also makes a simple 10 day self-help travel strategy in Thailand, which can be followed by such a travel.