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Do you need a passport to travel abroad with the group? What are the precautions for group tour?

Nowadays, more and more people like to travel abroad. There are many people who choose to travel with the group, because it is convenient and easy to travel with the group, and you don't have to worry about the trouble when you go to a strange city. Some friends who go abroad for the first time will basically choose to travel with the group. Do you need a passport for traveling with the group? This is certainly necessary. In addition to the passport problem, there are others What should we pay attention to when we pay attention to group tour?

Do you need a passport to travel abroad with the group

Although there are all kinds of things to do with group travel, the travel agency has arranged them properly, but some documents still need to be handled. The passport for overseas travel must be done. Whether it is a free travel or group travel, it is necessary to do a passport. The passport is a legal document to prove the nationality and identity of citizens, and it is a kind of passport for citizens to travel through international ports of various countries The passport must be handled by the exit and entry administration department in person, and it cannot be entrusted to others.

What should we pay attention to in group tour

1. Beware of the price 'trap'. When you follow a group, you must consider multiple choices. Don't hold a group because it's cheap. It may be a low price 'trap'. Such a group may mainly focus on shopping, and the experience is too poor.

2. When choosing a travel agency, it is important to compare three products. It is very important to choose a well-known travel agency. It is also important to choose a regular store. On the Internet, it is the same with the group. It is necessary to find a large-scale travel portal website of the public.

3. When signing the contract, you must carefully read the terms, guard against some text traps, take a good look at the specific travel itinerary, ask which place is at your own expense, which scenic spot or consumption is included in the fees you pay, and understand whether there is compulsory consumption. If you do not sign the contract, some other things may happen, and your rights cannot be guaranteed 。

4. Remember to prepare some travel items for group travel. These travel agencies will not prepare them. Clothing, today, cameras, documents, medicines, etc. must be prepared adequately. Those with valuables must be properly kept and carried with them.

5. Personal safety is also very important. Don't take risks in dangerous places. Before traveling, leave the phone numbers of tour guides and fellow travelers to your family, in case that you can't get in touch with yourself, your family can get in touch with other people in the tour group and get their own information.

Some information about group tour will be introduced here. One thing we should pay attention to is not to choose the group with too low price. There may be some greasy or forced consumption in it. We must pay attention to it.