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How many Tianjin 5A scenic spots are there? What are the most suitable Tianjin scenic spots for Marc

How many 5A scenic spots are there in Tianjin?

5A tourist attractions in Tianjin

1. Huangyaguan Great Wall

The great wall of Huangyaguan is located in the high mountains 28 kilometers north of Jizhou district. In history, Jizhou city has 18 guard camp piers and abutments, among which Huangya pass is the most important pass. Built in 556 A.D., Qi Jiguang, a famous general in Ming Dynasty, redesigned and overhauled bricks when he was the general of Ji town. Huangyaguan Great Wall is an important pass of Jizhen Great Wall in Ming Dynasty, and it is also the only pass city in China.

2. Dule Temple

Dule temple, also known as the great Buddhist temple, is located in Jizhou District, Tianjin city, China. It is one of the three remaining temples in Liao Dynasty in China, and also one of the existing famous ancient buildings in China. Although dule temple is a famous temple for thousands of years, the history of the temple is very remote, and its fate can not be tested. The earliest history of the temple can be traced back to the tenth year of Zhenguan (636 A.D.).

3. Tianta Lake Scenic Spot

Tianta Lake scenic area is located in the south of Tianjin city, close to the water park scenic area. It is a scenic spot with Tianjin Radio and television tower as the main body. Tianta, or Tianjin Radio and television tower, is 415 meters high. When it was built, it was the highest tower in Asia and the only 'tower in water' in the world.

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What is the most famous specialty in Tianjin?

1. Famous specialties in Tianjin: Wujia beer, Tianjin Xiaozhan rice, Dynasty semi dry white wine, Panshan covered persimmon, Weijiu, yellow onion, Weiqing radish, Tianjin Jinsi dates, sour dates.

Tianjin Yali, Baodi red garlic, Tianjin red bell soy sauce, Chinese prawn, rose sausage, Chinese chestnut, Tianjin red bean, unique vinegar.

2. Famous snacks in Tianjin:

Ear and eye fried cake, guifanxiang Mahua (Mahua on 18th Street), Goubuli bun, dafulai Guoba dish, zhilanzhai dried cake, shidasui pancake, mingshunzhai mixed pancake.

Working face tea, Wang Ji's Mahua, Du Cheng Qi's steaming food, burning, Lu Ji's hot noodles and fried cakes, dou Xiangzhai's beef flavor circle, Dou PI roll circle, Bai Ji's dumplings, and water burst tripe

Old tofu, fried stewed seeds, pancakes, patterns, nuts, stone door element package.

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What are the most famous cuisines in Tianjin?

Goubuli bun:

Jinmen food is one of the three wonders. It was founded in the late Qing Dynasty. Because the shopkeeper Gao Guiyou is infamous for being unreasonable. The production process is strict and the unique "eight step operation method" is implemented. Features: loose meat filling, even fold, fat but not greasy, fragrant and palatable. In 1989, it won the national food Golden Tripod award.

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Ear and eye fried cake:

Jinmen food is one of the three wonders. Because the shop is close to the ear and eye alley. Nearly a hundred years ago. It is characterized by tender outside and inside, sweet and refreshing, fragrant. In 1989, he won the golden Ding award of the Ministry of Commerce.

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Eighteen street Hemp flowers

Jinmen food is one of the three wonders. The production is exquisite and the materials are fine and the goods are solid. Features: sweet and crisp. In 1989, it won the national food Golden Tripod award.

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Tianjin now has 16 districts, 124 towns, 3 townships, 118 streets, 3680 village committees and 1645 neighborhood committees.

The municipal districts include Binhai New Area, Heping District, Hebei District, Hedong District, Hexi District, Nankai District, Hongqiao District, Dongli District, Xiqing District, Jinnan District, Beichen District, Wuqing District, Baodi District, Jinghai District, Ninghe district and Jizhou district.

Six districts in Tianjin are Heping District, Hexi District, Nankai District, Hedong District, Hebei District and Hongqiao District.

Tianjin rose from ancient times because of water transport. It was officially built on November 21, 2014 (December 23, 1404) in Yongle, Ming Dynasty. It is the only city in ancient China with exact time record. After more than 600 years, Tianjin has created a unique urban style that combines Chinese and Western culture and is compatible with ancient and modern times.