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What is the relationship between Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Zhuangzhou? Is Zhouzhuang the dream pla

I believe that many people have feelings of Jiangnan. Whenever choosing a leisure place, Jiangnan seems to be the first choice. In fact, Jiangnan is good, but it can't be said. People who grow there seem to have different feelings about the landscape they cultivate and the buildings they build. Different from the ruggedness and brilliance of the north, Jiangnan always gives people a warm and atmosphere feeling. So, what is the relationship between Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Zhuangzhou? Is Zhouzhuang the dream place of Zhuangzhou?

Zhouzhuang is a dream town. It is one of the six ancient towns south of the Yangtze River. It has been listed in the list of ancient towns. It can be seen that it is still very important and a national 5A tourist attraction with high ornamental value. After the spring and autumn war, it was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and continues to this day. It can be said that after thousands of years of ups and downs, Zhouzhuang is still well preserved, and its historical sites are still very heavy. Zhouzhuang, this is not the dream place of Zhuangzhou. If the two words are reversed, there may be confusion and everyone should pay attention to it.

Every beautiful scenery is famous, because it contains many things, Zhouzhuang is no exception. From ancient times to now, Zhouzhuang people have always maintained the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most people consciously keep these traces. It is because of modernization that cultural relics cannot be preserved until they are demolished. Here, you can see the simple and elegant houses and brick door buildings. Bricks and tiles are traces of history. Under the reflection of the small bridge and flowing water, the bricks and trees of Zhouzhuang are becoming more and more simple and quiet.

When you come here, you will only feel refreshed. When you cross the street, the atmosphere will flow. The small sunshade boat will carry the tourists. When it comes to Zhouzhuang, another person has to mention Shen Wansan. When it comes to Shen Wansan, I think everyone is familiar with him. The story about him is basically known. It's a household name. The most legendary one is the legend that he made money with a cornucopia. It is said that he saw a farmer catch hundreds of frogs. When people look at it, they can't stand it. Ask the farmer for money to release him. I know the next day he found all the frogs gathered in a basin, and he didn't disperse them. He thought it was strange, so he took the pot home. At first, he didn't pay attention to the basin. Until one day, his wife was washing her hands, and the silver scorpion on her head fell into the basin. At this time, a miracle happened, and the Silver Enamel changed from two to four. Soon filled with flowerpots, Shen Wansan became the richest man in the rich world.

Of course, it's just a legend. It can't explain the truth. We don't know the real secret of Shen Wansan's fortune. But in Wuyuan, people can pursue shenwansan's wansanshou through SHENDIAN and colorful fan Sanshou. Legend. Shen Dian was built by the descendants of Shen Wansan in the period of Gan long. It has a long history. It's a building in the vestibule and backyard. There is a street building and an aisle Pavilion in the middle and behind, forming a walk-in building. Songmao hall is the main hall. There is a plaque hanging on it. The thick streamline four big characters glitter in the sun, and the surrounding exquisite reliefs.

There is a water bridge. Water is the grace of Zhouzhuang. The simple design and vicissitudes of the bridge have charm and aura, full of poetry and painting, and countless literati and singers are drunk. Cang has brought endless historical charm to Zhouzhuang bridge. Shuangqiao is one of them. Zhouzhuang double bridge is famous all over the world. The connected Shide bridge and Yong'an bridge are like ancient keys. As a result, double bridges are also known as' critical bridges'. Above the clear water, the two bridges are like lovers who depend on each other. Everyone who comes to Zhouzhuang will take photos here.

When you are used to high-rise buildings, when you stand in the ancient water country, you will be isolated from noisy people and things. There is a paradise on the ground, there is a Suzhou and Hangzhou, Zhouzhuang in the middle, the beautiful water collecting village of Zhouzhuang, people will feel the peace and gentleness in it.