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What are the precautions of Qingming Festival Tourism in Jiangxi Province? Common sense necessary fo

It's Qingming Festival right away. It's the best time for traveling and outing, because it's the warmest time in spring. If you don't go out for a walk at this time, you'll have the hottest summer of this year. So take advantage of the soft spring wind, and hurry to start! Pay attention to Qingming Festival when you go to Jiangxi. It's better to know these things in advance.

Necessary knowledge of Qingming Festival:

Dialect problems:

Jiangxi mainly uses Gan dialect, followed by Hakka dialect, and some areas also use Wu dialect and Hui dialect. It's hard for outsiders to understand the dialect of Jiangxi, but people in the urban areas here can speak less standard Mandarin.

There are more than 60 counties and cities in Jiangxi province that use Gan dialect. Including Nanchang, Jingdezhen (urban area), Pingxiang, Yichun, Fuzhou and Ji'an; most of Shangrao and Jiujiang; Ganzhou, Shicheng, Ningdu, Xingguo, Yudu, Ruijin, Huichang and other counties also have towns using Gan dialect. However, there is a slight difference in spoken English in every place. People in different counties and cities can't understand each other.

Hakka dialects are mainly distributed in the south of Jiangxi (except Ganzhou City and Xinfeng city), that is to say, "Gannan" in the usual sense. Other dialects are distributed in the south of Ji'an, the south of Fuzhou and Tonggu in the northwest of Jiangxi. Xiushui, Wuning and Wanzai also have a large number of Hakka people.

eating habits:

There is a saying: 'Jiangxi is not afraid of spicy, Sichuan is not afraid of spicy, Hunan is not afraid of spicy. 'the taste of Jiangxi is spicy and greasy. The main food is rice. The taste of local rice in Jiangxi is hard, not as soft as that of northern rice, and there are few pasta. Foreigners who are not used to Jiangxi's heavy taste can consider washing dishes before eating, or telling the restaurant owner not to eat chili in advance. However, because there are fewer industrial enterprises in Jiangxi, the water quality and vegetable quality are good, at least healthy diet.

What you must do to travel to Jiangxi on Qingming Festival:

1. Ascend the Tengwang Pavilion

2. Stroll in Bayi Square of Nanchang to remember the years of passion during the revolution

3. Drink a bowl of the most authentic pot soup under the rope pagoda

4. Take a picture of Camellia in Wuyuan, the most beautiful village in China

5. Experience food tour in Diaoyutai snack street, Ganzhou

6. Make a ceramic in China's porcelain capital by yourself

7. To Ruijin, the birthplace of Chinese revolution

8. A few days in the villa of the Republic of China on Lushan

9. Go to Jinggangshan for a thrilling rafting trip

10. Take a titanic pose at the top of Sanqing mountain

11. Eat Nanchang fried noodles on the streets of Nanchang