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How to play Guangzhou Chimelong? Qingming to changlongbing scenic spot

There are many beautiful cities around Guangzhou. Among them, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and so on are well known. These areas are very famous because of some history or scenery. As for Foshan, it is Huang Feihong's hometown. You may as well take advantage of the holiday to visit. So, how to play Changlong in Qingming?

1. Wildlife World

Changlong wildlife world is the largest wildlife park in Asia, which is characterized by large-scale wildlife stocking and self driving. There are more than 500 kinds of rare animals represented by "ten national treasures of the world's rare animals", including the giant panda in China. It has a thrilling large-scale white tiger performance, funny elephant performance, ming'scarlet'gathering Huaguoshan theater performance, etc. In the zoo, you can take a small train to go deep into the jungle and grassland of Asia to experience the excitement and pride of walking with animals. You can also take a cable car to overlook the dead animals in the air.

2. Happy world

The Chimelong happy world park is divided into the Hobbit kingdom which is mainly for children's amusement projects and suitable for family play, the scream zone which is mainly for large-scale thrilling equipment, the whirlwind island which is mainly in the middle ancient European style, the rainbow bay which is themed by the roller coaster king, the happy water world which is themed by water, the central performance square which is mainly for performance, the adventure world which is mainly for viewing projects And eight theme parks, such as Baihu street, mainly for shopping and leisure.

3. Water park

Chimelong water park has been listed as the "world's top 20 water parks" for years. Every landscape in the park has been carefully built. More than 10 thrilling water slides let tourists enjoy the cool summer. Among them, there are family style water slides and a top-grade water magnetic roller coaster.

4. International Circus Theater

Here, you can't help thumbing up with a circus feast and an unprecedented experience.

Chimelong International Circus, which can accommodate nearly 8000 people to watch performances at the same time, is staged at 19:30 every night throughout the year. Of course, we don't rule out that there are several days in a year that need to be stopped for maintenance, but this kind of situation is usually announced in the newspapers a long time in advance. They also have all the announcements on their official website.

Different from going to the theater to see a movie, when you come to see a circus, except for those who have purchased a VIP seat, you need to take a seat in the VIP area, other ordinary seats are first come, first served, and you don't need to take a seat in the VIP area. So we usually start to line up around 17 o'clock. If you go in early, you can choose a place early. It's a very good viewing position in the middle of the first and second floors. You can see the patrol clearly. You can see the small animals in the front row near the stage. The hotel area is also first come, first served. First, those who buy accommodation and circus tickets can take the ticket and swipe the room card. Second, those who only buy circus tickets and swipe the room card can also enter, but they have to line up.