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Where to enjoy flowers in Chengdu on Qingming Festival? Check the major flower appreciation bases in

The once-a-year Qingming small long holiday is coming. It can be said that the ancestor worship of Qingming is the tradition of the Chinese nation. But after the ancestor worship, why take advantage of this small long holiday to travel? Qingming Festival is really Chengdu flower season. You may as well go to Chengdu to enjoy flowers! What are the suitable places to enjoy flowers in Qingming Festival Chengdu?

1. Sanxi Town, Jintang

While enjoying the flower sea, picking navel orange

The international rape Festival is held in Baimiao village, Sanxi Town, Jintang in early March every year. At that time, rape blossomed most, like golden ribbons spread on Longquan Mountain.

The country road runs through the sea of flowers, and sometimes you can meet some people who are good at cycling and fitness.

In addition to rape flower sea, Sanxi town is also the hometown of navel orange. After enjoying flowers, you can pick navel orange and dig wild vegetables. The oranges picked by yourself are not only fresh, but also cheaper than the ones outside.

Address: Sanxi Town, Jintang County, Chengdu

2. Guanghan Sanxingdui

In the middle of March, the rape flowers in Guanghan are in full bloom. Guanghan, Jintang, Pixian, Hongyuan and other places are known as the most attractive places of rape flowers in Sichuan. Why not have a look at 4A scenic spot and national precious cultural relics?

Best tourist season: the best season to see rape flowers in Sanxingdui, Guanghan is from the first ten days of March to the beginning of April every year.


Public transportation: Chengdu Xinnanmen bus station - Guanghan Sanxingdui bus, there are only two buses at 8:30 and 15:00 every day.

Self driving: along the Chengdu Mianyang expressway, it takes about half an hour to drive 38 kilometers.

3, Xindu

March is the season when the rape flowers bloom in Western Sichuan plain, and around March 17 and March 8 is the most dazzling day when the rape flowers bloom. Chengdu's Xindu District is one of the best. In the northwest village of Xindu District (the suburb of Xindu District), there are spectacular rape flowers. The other place is Baihe Island, Xindu. Rape flowers are on both sides of the river.


Self service tour: take Xindu bus from gaosuntang passenger transport center of Chengdu and get off at the bell tower. Transfer to Xindu No. 4 bus to nihatuo and Baihe island. The fare is 3 yuan.

Self driving: Xindu jingdonghuan road laochuanshan road behind Xindu Procuratorate