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What are the suitable places for tourism in Qingming Festival of Chengdu? Six most worthy scenic spo

The once-a-year Qingming small long holiday is coming. It can be said that the ancestor worship of Qingming is the tradition of the Chinese nation. But after the ancestor worship, why take advantage of this small long holiday to travel? Which places are suitable for Qingming Festival in Chengdu? What's the best place to visit?

1. Emei Mountain

Qingming Festival is in spring, and spring and autumn are the best tourist seasons of Emei Mountain. The climate is moderate and the scenery is charming.

Emei Mountain is known as the beauty of the world. It has many mountains, magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery and thousands of sceneries. It is known as a mountain with four seasons and ten different days. Like the West Lake in Hangzhou, Mt. Emei has ten new and old scenic spots, including Golden Buddha in Jinding, ten thousand Buddha emperor, Xiaoping love, Qingyin Pinghu, Yougu Linghou, the first mountain Pavilion in China's largest copper Pavilion, cliff stone carving, Xiujia waterfall, Yingbin beach, starting point of famous mountains, etc.

2, Jinchuan

Shaking the white branches, the flower language flying all over the sky... How many people remember the beautiful picture, the complex of pear flower is deep. Where is the most beautiful pear flower in Sichuan? Besides Jinchuan, it is Jinchuan. All the romantic imagination about spring can be satisfied in Jinchuan.

3, color

If 'life is just like seeing for the first time', you will be reluctant to forget it at the first sight when you meet her - the red monk's house, which is full of potholes and ravines, reflects the sanctity that is hard to speak to under the setting sun!

These red lattice houses built by monks and nuns themselves, thousands of them, each of which is interwoven with the open red, forming a tiny and grand combination. Individuals and groups seem to be bounded and boundless.

4. Lugu Lake

Known as the country of daughters, the Mosuo nationality not only attracts people to explore the mystery of the walking marriage custom, but also attracts a lot of people to join in the beautiful scenery of Lugu Lake.

Travel time: 3-4 days

5. Muchuan Bamboo Sea

Muchuan bamboo sea is Danxia landform, with dozens of scenic spots including Xiaodong flying rainbow, Yongxing lake, Yongxing temple and Taoyuan cave. Here you can also see wild monkeys, squirrels, hundreds of millions of years of Alsophila tree and other rare animals and plants that survived in the age of dinosaurs.

In the boundless bamboo sea, you can see the sunrise and listen to the sound of the waves. It's pleasant and unforgettable.

6. Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea

The bamboo sea in southern Sichuan, located in Yibin City, is more than 400 kilometers away from Chengdu in the north and famous for its vast expanse of bamboo. It is the largest primitive green bamboo park in China, which integrates landscape, karst cave, lake and waterfall, and has a long history of cultural landscape. It's also the location for the Oscar winning director Ang Lee's film Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon.