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What are the suitable places for tourism in Changsha Qingming Festival? Changsha Qingming tourism st

In the annual Qingming Festival, Qingming may be the best time to visit. So, where is the tourism strategy for Qingming Festival in Changsha? Of course, there are many famous scenic spots to go to for Qingming Festival in Changsha. Maybe there are many people, but what the festival needs is to be lively. Isn't it good to have a lively holiday?

Orange Island

"Qinyuanchun. Changsha" written by grandpa Mao, who is well-known to all: "independent cold autumn, Xiangjiang north, Orange Island head. 'I recited the tormented and vital texts in junior high school, but now I find that I only remember a few words, and I can't do it...

Orange Island Scenic Area is free of tickets, the only cost is a small train, 20 yuan a person. If you want to walk around, it's still a relatively endurance test in the hot summer.

Mount Yuelu

Yuelu Mountain, with an altitude of 300.8 meters, is one of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain. Tickets for Lushan scenic spot are free. You need to pay 50 yuan (25 yuan for students) for visiting Yuelu Academy. Teachers, students and new parents of Hunan University are free.

The scenic spots include Yuelu Academy, Yuelu Mountain, aiwanting, Lushan temple, Yunlu palace and the former site of Xinmin society.

Yuelu Mountain is divided into South Gate and east gate. It is recommended to go on the East Gate (by cable car) and under the South Gate (by foot). East Gate cableway up 30, down 25, set 50 (generally unnecessary). South Gate tour bus 20.

Capital Street

To understand a city, you must get up early and watch it gradually wake up.

Since the Qing Dynasty, Duzheng street has been a commercial street. Although it's not as busy as the south gate, and its stores are not as spacious as Pozi street and Bajiaoting, all kinds of shops are also distributed in the streets and lanes. '

Duzheng street is different from other lanes in Changsha. It is the location of several Yamen. These lanes are also called "official streets" by ordinary people. The military organizations under the green camp system of the Qing Dynasty are concentrated in Duzheng street. There is the headquarters of the army, the Qianzong lane where the Qianzong headquarters are located, and the guerrilla flat where the guerrilla headquarters are located. So there were garrisons in the main street at that time. '

Tai Ping Street

Taiping Street is the most complete street in the ancient city of Changsha with the original street pattern. The historical and cultural block of Taiping Street has preserved cultural relics and modern historical sites such as the former residence of Jia Yi, changhuaijing, the former site of xipailou, the former site of Xinhai Revolutionary Association, and the former site of Sizheng society.

There are 87 stores along the main street, covering an area of nearly 30000 square meters, mainly including famous brands, calligraphy and painting, national crafts, cultural and leisure industries, and featured tourism products.

Tianxin Pavilion

Tianxin Pavilion is a famous historical building in Changsha, which can be compared with Yueyang Tower, huanghe tower and Tengwang Pavilion in reputation. It is known as the symbol of the ancient city of Changsha and has an important military strategic position in history. Up to now, there are still some old turrets in Tianxin Pavilion. When you step on the Tianxin Pavilion, you can have a look at the scenery of Changsha ancient city and feel the combination of magnificence and simplicity.