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Where can I go for Qingming Festival? A good place for Qingming Tourism

In a second, we will have a small long holiday - Qingming holiday. Like other legal holidays, there will be many tourists, especially the popular scenic spots, which are just crowded with people and enjoy the scenery in a comfortable mood. Then, Qingming Festival is a good place to choose, that is, Qingming Festival tourists less interesting spots recommended.

Ancient town of Shuang Jiang

Shuangjiang ancient town, located in the northwest of Tongnan County, Chongqing, was built in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, with a history of more than 400 years. In front of Fujiang River and canal, there are many courtyards and gardens with the characteristics of Qing Dynasty, which is a typical charm of Bashu ancient town.

More than 20 large-scale ancient dwellings, such as' Yuwang Palace ',' Xinglong Street courtyard ',' yuantaihe courtyard ',' Changtan sizhitang 'and' Huimin Palace ', are known by experts as the' rare residential complex of Qing Dynasty '.

Qiandao rape flower

Every year, 200000 mu of rape flowers in Qiandao cauliflower scenic spot of Xinghua City, Jiangsu province begin to bloom in April. The river port is crisscross, lotus root is fragrant, and the flower field is like floating on the water.

Blue sky, clear water and "Golden Island" are woven into the river. There are thousands of bays with clear water and fields full of beautiful pictures. Here, take a wooden boat to go down the river and row slowly through the fields of thousands of flower stacks. Every corner is a self talk lost in the flower fields.

Ancient town of Nanxun

Hundreds of buildings are built along the river winding across the bank. Most houses along the street are front shops and back houses. Large families also have front and back gardens. Generally, they have two rooms in one patio. Each building is separated by a coupon door; the space can be used for shading in summer and sheltering from rain in rainy days, which is convenient for pedestrians; the stone revetment along the river is neat, and each household has a river port, which is convenient for boatman and merchants to get on and off the ship, load and unload goods and travel, and is convenient for daily water collection and washing; the fire sealing gable between buildings is high, with three fold horsehead wall, Pipa gable, and wrong height White wall, blue tile, corridor, water port and flower wall.

Cha Ji Village

If you want to see the ancient Huizhou architecture, you don't have to go to Hongcun. Chaji is an ancient house in southern Anhui that has been forgotten by the world. It stretches for ten li, and the old houses are spectacular. At the end of the ancient village, there are green mountains and fields, stone bridges covered with vines, women washing clothes near the water, and students sketching on the roadside, forming a unique picture of the waterside.