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What countries are suitable for Qingming to travel abroad?

This year, Qingming Festival still has three days of small and long vacation. In addition to tomb sweeping, Qingming Festival is also the best time for outing. In addition to eating, drinking and playing in the room, you can also go all the way to visit the green and enjoy the flowers. At this time, peach blossom, pear flower, rape flower and so on all usher in the flowering period. So, which countries are the best places for overseas tourism on Qingming Festival?


Go to Japan to enjoy cherry blossom. Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, which is regarded as the spiritual symbol of Japan in modern times. The Japanese government regards March 15 to April 15 as the "Cherry Blossom Festival" every year, which is also the best time to enjoy the flowers. It is the most important thing for the Japanese to sit on the ground with friends and relatives while enjoying the cherry trees and drinking. Shangye Park, qianniaoyuan, xinsuyuyuan and daidaimu park are all good places to watch cherry trees.


Too many people go to Japan to see cherry blossom? Tell you a place that others don't know much about: Washington. Every April is a very famous cherry blossom festival in Washington. The cherry blossom here is not small at all. They are 1912, Tokyo to Washington's national gift, now more than 100 years of history.

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington lasts for three weeks every year, during which not only Cherry Blossom can be seen, but also various parades and concerts can be staged in turn.

Canon, Thailand

It is located in the West Bank of the Gulf of Thailand and the south of luokunfu. Kanon is a small fishing village in Thailand, famous for its long beach, forest, mangrove and pure limestone hills. Although it is not as famous as Sumei Island, it shares the same blue sea and blue sky with it. Canon beach is quiet and serene, the beach is full of shells, surrounded by coconut trees swaying in the wind. As an important ecological area, Canon has been classified as a national park planning area. The resort also includes nearby islands and corals, caves, waterfalls and mangroves.