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Where does Qingming go to play in Shanghai? Check the scenic spots around Shanghai suitable for Qing

There will be the annual qingming festival soon. Qingming can be said to be a good day for outing. Of course, the so-called outing is not in the noisy city, but in the nature, or around. So, what are the more suitable tourist attractions around Qingming Festival Shanghai?

Qiandao Lake

"Nongfu mountain spring, a little sweet" is a well-known slogan. It is taken from Qiandao Lake, a national first-class water body, and can reach the drinking water standard without any treatment. Qiandao Lake is a happy lake. Qiandao Lake has developed and opened more than 20 scenic spots in four series, including natural scenery, cultural landscape, wild animals and entertainment. It has opened up characteristic tourism routes from spring to Thousand Island Lake, summer of Thousand Island Lake, golden autumn of Thousand Island Lake, sightseeing and vacation tour, entertainment and leisure tour, water sports and entertainment tour, special tour of history and culture, orchard picking and farmhouse music, as well as participatory tourism projects such as giant net fishing, water sports, range rover in the air, fishermen's custom performance, etc. It attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists and becomes a famous scenic spot.

Yandang Mountain

Yandang Mountain is located in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots and one of the top ten famous mountains in China. Because 'there are lakes on the top of the mountain, reeds are clustered, and wild geese live in autumn', the mountain is named after birds. Yandang Mountain is rooted in the East China Sea. It is famous for its peaks, waterfalls, caves and peaks. It is known as the "famous mountain on the sea" and "the best mountain in the world". It is also known as the "first mountain in the Southeast". It originated in the southern and Northern Dynasties and flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties.

Yandang Mountain, formed 120 million years ago, is a typical Cretaceous rhyolitic paleo volcano, with a total area of 450 square kilometers and more than 550 scenic spots. There are eight scenic spots. Yandang Mountain has a unique character, which is' the day view is endurable, and the night view is soulless'. 'view the mountains and taste the seafood', 'one scene is changeable, changing step by step'.

Mount Huangshan

Huangshan is located in the beautiful mountainous area of Southern Anhui, which is famous for its "three wonders and four wonders". In 1982, Huangshan was listed as one of the first national key scenic spots by the State Council. In 1986, Huangshan was selected as one of the top ten scenic spots in China. In 1990, it was listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.

Since then, Huangshan has been selected as the national "health mountain" and "safety mountain", and in 1998, it was determined by the Ministry of construction, the National Tourism Administration and other departments as the first ten civilized scenic spots in China. As for the introduction of Huangshan, countless literati and calligraphers have gone through the ages. Poetry, painting, vomit and praise are not detailed,

No matter how good the camera, no matter how much memory, for the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, it can be ignored. The beauty of Huangshan will make any language and writing pale