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Is Kaifeng guantangbao delicious in Henan? Where is the most authentic one?

Is Kaifeng guantangbao delicious?

The first floor of the Royal old shop is a soup bag filled with pork and soy sauce.

In fact, each family has its own characteristics. We can't say which family has the best food. Everyone's taste is different, and their favorite taste is different. So I recommend three soup filling shops that I think are quite good. You can have a try.

Guantangbao used to be a royal food in the Northern Song Dynasty. Kaifeng guantangbao is not only beautiful in form, but also exquisite in content. Kaifeng xiaolongbao with meat stuffing and fresh soup has a history of one hundred years. Unique flavor, is one of the famous food in Kaifeng. The selection of materials for small steamed buns is exquisite and the production is fine. It is made of the lean meat of the hind leg of the pig as the stuffing, the refined powder as the skin, and steamed over the fire.

The steamed buns are placed on the table as they are eaten. Their shape: 'pick up a grain of silk,

Put down a thin ball, skin like chrysanthemum heart, filling like rose.

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What specialties do Henan have?

Introduction to Henan special snacks

Zhengzhou: three kinds of carp

Zhengzhou also called for the revitalization of Henan cuisine, but also self mocked: everything that needs to be revitalized is not far from the end. Carp three is a famous dish in Zhengzhou. Once upon a time, the carp was called Yellow River carp. When the restaurant bought the carp back, it had to be kept in the clear water pool for two or three days to spit out the smell of earth before it could be fished out. Now it's a bit extravagant to be fastidious, but one fish and three meals are still a big deal. Half dry, half sweet and sour tiles, head and tail mixed with shredded radish to make soup, the most interesting thing is to mix sweet and sour juice with a nest of noodles, which is similar to Hangzhou West Lake vinegar fish noodles.

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Luoyang: pork slices in Liantang

Luoyang likes to eat water table, dozens of dishes, soup water down, eat people even exhilarating. Liantang pork slice is an indispensable famous dish in the water table, and it is best made by the old shop that specializes in Yucai. It is made of lean meat as the main material, Auricularia auricula, golden needle, green bean and other auxiliary materials. The meat slice is smooth, tender, slightly sour and sharp.

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Anyang: stir fried pork

Anyang in the Central Plains has a light taste, but in recent years, Sichuan, Guangdong and northeast cuisines have come into the restaurant one after another. Anyang people like to order all kinds of cuisines. The eight bowls of local traditional dishes are still popular, especially for weddings and funerals. In terms of current taste, it has the most potential to continue to spread. In fact, the three non stick and powder noodles of traditional snacks can best represent the features of Anyang diet.

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Nanyang: Zhenping Daokou roast chicken

We must choose one of Nanyang's Meixi elbows, meatballs and bowls, Baitugang spicy chicken and other delicacies. People in Nanyang still choose Daokou roast chicken. Have you ever eaten the roasted chicken with the whole chicken shaking its bones and separating its flesh? The secret recipe for roasted chicken from the imperial chef in the imperial dining room of the Qing palace has achieved the reputation of Daokou roasted chicken for three hundred years.

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Kaifeng: Sesame wings

When you arrive in Kaifeng, you need to eat authentic Henan cuisine -- this is Kaifeng mansion for thousands of years! The ingredients of Henan cuisine are usually very common, which is wonderful in seasoning and cooking. In fact, the wings of sesame wings are marinated chicken wings wrapped in egg juice and dipped in sesame, fried in oil. The fried egg juice is cool with cicada wings. It is rare for Henan cuisine to have such a beautiful and delicious dish.

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Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style

Daokou roasted chicken is a famous specialty of the province, which is made by 'yixingzhang' roasted chicken shop in Daokou Town, Huaxian County, Henan Province. Founded in the 18th year of Shunzhi (1616) of the Qing Dynasty, it has a history of more than 300 years. It was not well made and its business was not prosperous. After that, the secret recipe for cooking chicken was obtained from the imperial chef in the imperial dining room of the Qing palace. The chicken was really delicious. Daokou roasted chicken's production technology has been handed down from generation to generation, forming its own unique style. In 1981, it was awarded the national famous and special products by the Ministry of Commerce.

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Pasta noodle

Noodles, both economic and delicious, are a popular snack in Henan Province. It is to put soymilk at a proper temperature, ferment it to become acid, and then put it into a pot to heat it to about 80 degrees, and there will be a mushroom like milk foam on the liquid surface. At this time, add a little sesame oil and stir repeatedly. When boiling, put the noodles in. It's better to mix the noodles. Mix the batter to make it mushy. Then, add the salt, onion, green beans, celery, leek and pepper. Luoyang noodle is a famous local food with strong local characteristics, which is easy to make, low cost, delicious and easy to digest.

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Soup with pepper

Hu la Tang is a special snack in Zhoukou, Henan Province. It began in Xiaoyao Town, Xihua county and has a history of one hundred years. It is well-known in urban and rural areas for its fine cooking, delicious taste, economical and convenient for the masses. It started in the old city and now it is all over the streets. The main ingredients are refined flour, vermicelli, fat pork. Ingredients include peanut kernel, taro, yam, golden needle, agaric, scallion, garlic slice and gluten bubble.

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Zhangjia wonton

Zhangjia wonton, also known as "horseshoe Street wonton". The founder is Zhang Xu, which has a history of 150 years. In 1920, Zhang Kun, the second generation successor of Zhangjia wonton, innovated and improved the ingredients and varieties, taking white noodle chicken, chicken blood, egg pancake, shrimp, water vermicelli, pickled mustard as the main ingredients; oil, pepper, soy sauce, chicken soup, pork soup, vinegar as auxiliary materials, leek yellow and green onion in winter, tender leek and Chinese Toon in spring. Thus, Zhangjia wonton has the characteristics of fine production, delicious taste, delicious fragrance, hot and sour.

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Yanjia mutton soup

Yan Family mutton soup has been passed down to four generations and has a history of 1500 years. Yan Shunsheng, the second generation, innovated the mutton soup to make the seasoning configuration appropriate and the soup taste more delicious. From then on, Yan Family mutton soup is famous in the western town of Henan Province. Yanjia mutton soup is characterized by: using fresh mutton, using meat on the same day, slaughtering sheep on the same day; complete spices and large quantity. Use pepper instead of pepper. It's salty and delicious.

Shangji beef soup

Shangji beef soup has two kinds of sweet and salty. Its characteristics are: meat fat soup is fresh, cooking soup accessories are complete, fried pepper and garlic are infiltrated and mashed together, the taste is particularly fresh. In the morning, people in Luoyang like to eat steamed bun with beef. There are many people who take steamed buns or buy back the soup and eat them. Today, they eat them in the morning, in the middle and in the evening.

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Pan Jinhe roasted chicken

Pan Jin and roast chicken have enjoyed a long reputation in Luoyang. Pan Gensheng, the founder, and pan Jinhe, his son, started business in 1941. He is famous for his unique flavor and flexible operation. Now pan Jinhe is the son of Jin He. Ingredients include clove, grass fruit, cardamom, Dahui, Xiaohui, Zanthoxylum, etc. Pan Jinhe roasted chicken is delicately made, with pure taste, yellow and red skin. The meat is charred outside and tender inside. It tastes delicious after eating.

Zhang Ji roast chicken

Zhangji roasted chicken in Yushu garden is a rising star in Luoyang. The founder Zhang Xinzhong, his son Zhang Tielin, inherited his father's aspiration in 1962 to run the business of roast chicken. Zhangji roast chicken is now a famous brand in Luoyang. The main ingredients are clove, anise, fennel, grass fruit, pyrene, cassia seed, cold ginger, dangshen, hangpi, nutmeg, tangerine peel, Sharen, Zanthoxylum and cardamom. Its characteristics are: rotten, tender and fragrant. Not fishy, not hard, not greasy, a shake, the meat will fall off, abnormal bone.

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No soup

Luoyang has a history of more than 120 years. Liu Zhensheng, the founder, has been passed on to three generations. His name is Liu Hulan. He is in his 70s. Ingredients include mung bean powder, pepper, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar, agaric, vermicelli, kelp, shrimp skin, laver, leek, Jinzhen and salt. It is characterized by pure taste, hot and sour taste, oil but not greasy.

Xin'an hot dumpling

Xin'an hot dumpling, with a history of more than 70 years, is famous on the Longhai line. Xin'an hot dumpling, with white powder as the skin, pig's front blade and rear buttock meat as the main filling, with appropriate amount of leek, leek, cabbage heart, ginger, with sugar, cooking wine, small mill oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. Heat the noodles, roll them into thin skin, wrap them into crescent shaped dumplings, and steam them for ten minutes. It is characterized by thin skin like paper, color like jade, full of five flavors, fresh and not greasy.

Don't drool!!!!!!!!!

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Henan Kaifeng flavor snacks

Xiaolong baozi

Steamed stuffed bun in xiaolongguan soup is one of the famous spots with a long history in Kaifeng. It evolved from the famous "cave plum bun" in the Northern Song Dynasty. It has a history of nearly a thousand years. It is famous for its small and exquisite shape, thin skin and filling, soup and oil pouring, and delicious taste.

Pot chicken

The barrel chicken is a famous special dish of Kaifeng. It is made of local high-quality Yun hen and stewed with century old soup. Golden color, fat but not greasy, tender and crispy.

Spiced dried rabbit meat

The product is made of about 1.5kg hare, which is hung in a cool and ventilated place for air drying, and then made of more than ten kinds of spices. The fragrance of the product is unique and the aftertaste is long.

fish braised with brown sauce

The stewed fish is made of selected grass carp and small crucian carp as the main ingredient. After frying, it is stewed in brine soup with several kinds of big ingredients. The fish is delicious, the soup is spiced, and the aftertaste is endless.

Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings

Kaifeng guotie is a famous flavor snack. Among them, daoxiangju guotie is famous for its rigorous material selection, fine production and beautiful quality. The finished product is tender, yellow and burnt, and delicious.

Mutton steamed bun

The pancakes are made of mutton cumin and other things. The finished products are burnt and fragrant, with unique flavor.

Fried jelly

Cold noodles are made from sweet potato or mung bean starch, with bean paste, onion, ginger, garlic, fried with sesame oil. It is hot, fresh, fragrant and tender at the entrance. It is known as "fried bean curd tube". He has performed abroad several times and is very popular.

Sweet potato paste

Sweet potato puree is a famous dish in Zhongzhou. It is made of sweet potato, sugar, hawthorn, rose, osmanthus, green and red silk. It's cooked with sesame oil. Crystal color, sweet and delicious, nutritious.

Ripe pear with crystal sugar

The ripe pear with Bingtang is cooked together with red dates, wolfberry, osmanthus and large pieces of Bingtang. Its skin is brown and white, crystal clear, sweet and refreshing, cough relieving and lung moistening.

Glutinous rice cake

Jiangmi is steamed with white sugar, dates and green and red silk. When serving, it is poured with hawthorn, rose and osmanthus. The honey is soft, fragrant, smooth, sweet and sour.

Almond Tea

Almond tea is a kind of flavor snack introduced from the court. It uses refined almond powder as the main material, which is made by boiling water in a large copper pot made of dragon and Phoenix. It is made with over ten kinds of seasonings, such as almond, peanut, sesame, rose, osmanthus, raisin, wolfberry, cherry, white sugar, etc. Beautiful color, pure fragrance, it is a good tonic and longevity product

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What are the characteristics of Henan?

Luoyang: Dukang wine, Luoyang peony, Luoyang palace lantern, Luoyang Tang Sancai.

Kaifeng: Dajing jujube, peanut cake, Baogong Douer, Ma Yuxing barrel chicken, Changchun Xuan spiced rabbit meat, Lankao grape, Baizi longevity peach, Zhuxian Town woodblock New Year picture, Bianxiu, bianxian silk, palace porcelain imitation products, set of four treasures.

Anyang: smallpox powder, double headed rice wine, Neihuang dates, Anyang 'Sanxun', Anyang jade carving, Anyang Goupi plaster, Daokou roast chicken, Daokou tin ware, Zhangde vinegar, sugar oil chestnut.

Shangqiu: Yongcheng dried jujube, Shuicheng pepper, Minquan white wine, Zhanggong wine, pumpkin bean cake, Jingjia Mahua.