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Where is the most terrifying glass bridge in China?

It is the first all transparent glass bridge in the world and the most horrible bridge in China. So, what's the name of this bridge? Where is the shiniuzhai glass bridge?

Shiniuzhai glass bridge is located in the shiniuzhai scenic area of Pingjiang County, Yueyang, Hunan Province, which is known as the top ten most beautiful Danxia Landforms in China. Many photography enthusiasts will come here to see the beautiful face of Shiniu village. This shiniuzhai glass bridge is one of the most famous scenic spots in shiniuzhai scenic area.

Shiniuzhai glass bridge is about 300 meters long, with a vertical height of 180 meters. It is famous for its adventure and excitement. Before it was rebuilt, the bridge was still a wooden one, which was called "hero bridge" by local people. Originally, the slender wooden structure was very frightening. Later, the person in charge of the scenic spot raised the breathtaking level of the bridge to another level.

In 2014, engineers were tasked with replacing planks with glass, allowing visitors to gaze directly at 590 foot peaks. When you stand on this glass bridge, you are standing in the abyss. It's very frightening. These glasses are not strong enough. They are 25 times stronger than ordinary glass.

On the eve of the National Day in 2015, the upgrading and reconstruction of the hero bridge was completed and officially opened to the outside world. All the bridge decks were covered with transparent glass, making it the first all transparent glass bridge in the world so far.

The moment of staring at the abyss is the most terrifying, but it is not the most impressive. What impresses is the scenery on the bridge. It connects two peaks in the rocky terrain of Hunan National Park and is also called the location of the movie Avatar, which is very shocking.

Nowadays, more and more tourist attractions use glass bridge as a gimmick to attract tourists to visit. In addition to the shiniuzhai glass bridge in China, the ledge of Willis Tower in Chicago and the glass canopy of the Grand Canyon show people how glass can add wonders to the world.

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