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Is Lugu Lake fun? Taboos of Mosuo people in Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is a beautiful place, which has become a tourist attraction for people in recent years. So, what are the precautions for traveling to Lugu Lake? What are the taboos of Mosuo people by Lugu Lake?

Lugu Lake is known as the "Pearl of Plateau". The islands in the lake are Tingting and Yuli, with different shapes, lush trees and picturesque green. In the meantime, the water and the sky are the same, clear as a mirror, dotted with algae and flowers. The Mosuo folk song between the pig trough boat gliding slowly on the blue waves and the floating dry water makes it more simple and peaceful. It is a virgin lake far away from the noisy city and not polluted.

Taboos for residents of Lugu Lake:

1、 Avoid swearing near the fire in grandma's house, especially when it comes to marriage and sex.

2、 When entering the grandmother's house, do not step on the threshold.

3、 When sitting at the edge of a fire pool, do not step on the edge or inside of the fire pool.

4、 Don't spit in the fire pool, and don't stir the firewood in the fire pool at will.

5、 When walking around the fire pool, if someone is sitting beside the fire pool, you should make a detour from behind, not from the front.

6、 Do not whistle at home or out at night.

7、 You can't ride directly into the yard from the door of your home. You should lead the horse by.

8、 When you meet a Lama or an old man on the road, you should take the initiative to get off the horse or get off the car no matter riding or cycling, and yield to the side of the road to show respect.

9、 It's a prayer to walk around manidui clockwise.

10、 If you eat at home, you have to add two spoons. If you only add one spoon, it's disrespectful. It's considered as ghost food.

11、 When eating, the first spoon should be respectful to Guozhuang. If you eat leftovers, you can't respect them. When you respect them, you can't turn back.

12、 When pouring wine or serving something to others, do not backhand, but pour it in the forehand, and the backhand is regarded as the ghost food.

13、 You can't put chopsticks in a bowl full of rice on the table.

The taboo of Mosuo people

No discrimination against the disabled.

It is forbidden to sweep the floor or take out the garbage immediately after the family enters.

Women are not allowed to enter the house when giving birth.

On the morning of new year's day, it's forbidden that the first guest is a woman.

Fast dogs, donkeys, cats, snakes, horses, farmed beef.

No cutting: water source, cremation area, temple, trees around Shenshan mountain.

Men and children do not eat the food that women make for the moon.

Pregnant women cannot attend funerals.

People of the same mother's blood cannot 'walk away'.

Pregnant women cannot go out after dark.

Brothers or uncles are forbidden to talk about the marriage of their sister or niece.

Taboo women, lamas, killing.