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Has the Rhododendron bloomed in Guizhou? The origin of Rhododendron in Guizhou!

Rhododendron in Guizhou is quite famous. So, what is the history of Rhododendron in Guizhou? What are the places of enjoying Rhododendron in Guizhou? Guizhou Shuicheng national azalea theme park has a planning area of 90000 mu, including reception center, sightseeing trail, large parking lot, tourist road, ski resort, artificial lake, hot air balloon and other related equipment and facilities. At the same time, it is the only domestic Rhododendron named theme park in China.

The Rhododendron with woody fruit lasts for more than 15 days from March to the end of May every year, which is extremely rare in Guizhou Province.

At the same time, the Rhododendron trees in the park have the advantages of high altitude (1800-2200m), large scale, pure quality, ancient age, strong contiguous and beautiful single plant, and belong to the original ecological Rhododendron forest. Up to now, 11 varieties of Lantana, brocade, mini and Yunnan Rhododendron have been found in the park. Some Rhododendron trees with large branches are also called "Millennium Rhododendron king" by local villagers in the cattle farm.

When it comes to azaleas in Guizhou, many people will not hesitate to think of Baili azaleas;.

Songlinpo Township, Hezhang County

Located in Songlinpo, the southeast of Hezhang, there is a Rhododendron forest of ten thousand mu known as "plateau flower sea of ten thousand years". This Rhododendron forest grows on the plateau with an altitude of about 2200 meters. It is named after the ancient Rhododendron trees and ten thousand mu Rhododendron forest with a history of hundreds of years.

Because of the large altitude difference, Rhododendron can open continuously for three months, and it can open one color every month -- white Rhododendron at the foot of the mountain in March, pink Rhododendron at the waist of the mountain in April, and ten thousand year horse cherry red Rhododendron at the top of the mountain from late April to early May.

There are nearly 30 Rhododendron varieties in the 10000 mu Rhododendron sea in Songlinpo. Thousands of acres of Rhododendron, looking forward, colorful, a thousand miles, people can't help but praise: This is the beauty of the world!

Rhododendron in Jinsha

At the foot of bainiwo mountain in Jinsha field, which is not far from Baili Azalea scenic area, there is a Azalea Forest with an area of more than 10 square kilometers, also known as "Shili azalea". On Baidu map and Gaode map, this azalea park is marked as "Jinsha azalea Park".

Although the Rhododendron forest belt here is not as wide as the hundred Li Rhododendron scenic spot, it also grows all over the mountains and has a complete variety of colors. It also attracts a large number of tourists every year.