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Where do you go to enjoy flowers in April in Chengdu? Recommendation of the best flower appreciation

Chengdu has become the spokesperson of wanghong city in the past two years. Chengdu is one of the most popular tourist cities in China. In this warm and breezy season, it is also a good time to enjoy flowers. Where is Chengdu going to enjoy flowers in April?

Longquan Huaguoshan scenic spot

In March and April every year, local and surrounding partners in Chengdu like to come to Longquan to enjoy the beautiful peach blossom, because there are many orchards here, so in spring every year, the fruit trees in the orchards are competing to open, especially the peach blossom, which is everywhere, the scenery is particularly beautiful, and everywhere is covered with pink.

Shi Xiang Hu

Shixiang lake is located in Pujiang County, Chengdu. It's not only a good place to go for a outing in Chengdu, but also a good place to enjoy flowers. The lake is located in the forest. The scenic area is surrounded by all kinds of flowers. March and April are the time when tulips bloom. You can see the beautiful figure of tulips everywhere. It's worth visiting.

Flower dance world

Huawurenren is an agricultural theme park located in Xinjin County, Chengdu, where a large number of flowers are planted. It is a good place for Chengdu citizens to enjoy flowers. The flowers are blooming all the year round. You can see the beautiful azalea in spring, the lotus in summer, the chrysanthemum in autumn and the red leaves in winter, so that you can see the beautiful flowers all the time.

Baigongyan Park

Baigongyan park is located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. It is reputed as "the first lake in Chengdu". Many little friends in Chengdu like to come here for leisure and barbecue. Especially every spring, peach blossom can be seen everywhere. The beautiful flower scenery with beautiful mood is also a good place.

The place for enjoying flowers in Chengdu in March is recommended for the kids. If the kids in or around Chengdu don't know where to go to enjoy the flowers, please refer to the above scenic spots.