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Twice for the most 5A scenic spot in history

It's a good time to climb the mountain. Many people have started their own tour. As we all know, China is a vast country with many famous mountains and rivers. Each famous mountain has its own characteristics, such as Huashan Mountain in Shaanxi Province, which is famous for its unique danger, Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui Province, which is famous for its Buddhist holy land, and Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan Province, which is famous for its Taoism. But what happened that many people didn't expect, and even the scenic spot charged tickets twice? What's the matter?

This mountain is Maoshan, which is located at the junction of Jurong City, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province and Jintan County, Changzhou. Maoshan is not only beautiful in scenery and pleasant in climate, but also a famous Taoist mountain with a long history. It is the birthplace of Taoism Shangqing school. Taoism calls it "Shangqing school altar".

There are many peaks in Maoshan mountain, among which the main peak is Damao peak, with a height of 372 meters, which is the highest peak of Maoshan mountain. In addition to the natural landscape, there are many cultural landscapes on the mountain. Among them, 19 springs, 28 pools, 26 caves, Maoshan Daoyuan, Yuanfu Wanning palace, and the victory monument of the Anti Japanese war are all worth visiting. Maoshan is now a national 5A tourist attraction in China.

Because it is located at the junction of Jurong and Jintan, the eastern part of Maoshan belongs to Jintan, and the western part belongs to Jurong, each of which has a part. So there is a problem. Some tourists have reported that the ticket fee of Maoshan is not very reasonable. I really don't know whether to buy the ticket of Jurong or Jintan.

From the Internet, you can see that the ticket price of Jintan Maoshan scenic spot is 33 yuan, Jurong Maoshan scenic spot is 72 yuan, including the traffic ticket price of 110 yuan, which is a bit confusing. Tourists want to see Maoshan, but here are divided into two ticket offices. No matter where you go to the mountain, you can only play half of the tickets, and you have to buy tickets for the other half, which is more difficult. Even some tourists once said that it was not easy to climb up the mountain from the Jintan ticket office, but they were told that they needed to buy tickets again before they could enter the Taoist temple.

In fact, I feel that we can only charge one ticket. Then we can divide the ticket revenue into two parts. Otherwise, many people will feel sorry for the title of national 5A tourist attraction. And in this way, the two places can work closely to better develop Maoshan and satisfy more tourists.