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When does the Cherry Blossom Festival of Qinglong Temple begin? How to get free tickets of Qinglong

It must be Qinglong temple to enjoy cherry trees in Xi'an. There are many kinds of cherry blossoms in Qinglong Temple of Xi'an. In China, most cherry species are white and pink. The cherry blossom sources of Qinglong temple are mainly gifts from Japanese friends and Buddhist associations when Qinglong temple built the memorial of Japanese monk to the air sea. So, when does the Cherry Blossom Festival of Qinglong Temple begin? How to get free tickets?

More than a thousand cherry trees are introduced and planted in temples. At the end of March every year, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, full of spring color, colorful and unusual scenery. Up to now, Qinglong Temple attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists with its legendary historical role and beautiful quiet scenery. This is a place full of cherry blossoms. There are 13 varieties and more than 600 cherry blossoms. There are not only elegant Princess Yang, but also fresh and elegant Ranjing Jiye.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Qinglong Temple: at the end of March and the beginning of April every year, the peak period is in the first and middle of April.

Ticket price of Cherry Blossom Festival in Qinglong Temple: free of charge, free of charge for student and senior military certificate.

Place to receive tickets: North gate and east gate entrance of the scenic area.

Ticket collection time: 8:30-16:30, stop receiving tickets at 16:30, stop entering the park at 17:30, and start clearing the park at 18:00.

Address of Qinglong Temple: 350m north of the cross between Xiying road and Yanxiang Road (tielumiao, Xiying Road)

Cherry blossom time in Qinglong Temple: there are early, middle and late cherry blossoms in Qinglong temple, which can last for a month. In the early stage, there were Ranjing Yoshino, Sakura on the other side, Sakura on the red branch. In the middle stage, there were night and Yang Guifei. In the late stage, there were Puxian Xiang and Guanshan, all of which are rare varieties in Japan.

Qinglongsi flower appreciation route: take bus No.45, No.41 and no.521 to qinglongsi station.

Nearby bus stations: Tieyi Middle East Campus, Qinglong temple, armed police hospital, Shapo, east entrance of Qinglong North Road, tielumiao, tiesiyuan, three stations in Xinjiang, Guanyin temple.

Nearby buses: No.31, 237, 242, 525, 607, 252, 33, 612, 208, 702, 408, 307, 308, 411, 44, 903, 2nd Ring Line 2, you9, 716, 45, 48, 19, 400, 41, 526, 521, 606, you6, 227, 2nd Ring Line 1, 34, 221, etc.