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Which cities are there in Gansu? Which city is the most famous?

Gansu is the provincial administrative region and the capital of Lanzhou. Gansu Province is connected with Shaanxi in the East, Xinjiang in the west, Sichuan and Qinghai in the south, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia in the north, and Mongolia in the northwest. So, which cities does Gansu include? Which cities are most famous in Gansu Province?

Gansu Province has Lanzhou City, Jiayuguan City, Jinchang City, Baiyin City, Tianshui City, Wuwei City, Zhangye City, Jiuquan City, Pingliang City, Qingyang City, Dingxi City, Longnan City, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture and Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Lanzhou City: five districts and three counties

Chengguan District, Qilihe district, Xigu District, Anning District, Honggu District, Yuzhong County, Gaolan county and Yongdeng County.

Jiayuguan City (no District, county, city directly under the streets, towns.)

Jinchang City: one district and one county

Jinchuan District, Yongchang County.

Baiyin City: two districts and three counties

Baiyin District, Pingchuan District, Huining County, Jingyuan County and Jingtai County.

Tianshui City: two districts and five counties

Qinzhou District, Maiji District, Qingshui County, Qin'an County, Gangu County, Wushan County and Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County.

Wuwei City: one district, three counties

Liangzhou District, Gulang County, Minqin County and Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County.

Zhangye City: one district and five counties

Ganzhou District, Shandan County, Minle County, Linze County, Gaotai County, Sunan Yugu Autonomous County.

Jiuquan City: one district, two cities and four counties

Suzhou District, Yumen City, Dunhuang City, Jinta County, Guazhou County, Subei Mongolian Autonomous County and Aksay Kazak Autonomous County.

Pingliang City: one district, six counties

Kongtong District, Jingchuan County, Lingtai County, Chongxin County, Huating County, Zhuanglang County, Jingning County.

Qingyang City: one district and seven counties

Xifeng District, Zhengning County, Huachi County, Heshui County, Ningxian County, Qingcheng County, Zhenyuan County and Huanxian county.

Dingxi: one district, six counties

Anding District, Tongwei County, Longxi County, Zhangxian County, Weiyuan County, Minxian county and Lintao county.

Longnan City: one district and eight counties

Wudu District, Cheng County, Liangdang County, Hui County, Xihe County, Li County, Kang County, Wen County, Dangchang county.

Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture: one city and seven counties

Linxia city, Linxia County, Kangle County, Guanghe County, Yongjing County, Hezheng County, Dongxiang Autonomous County and Baoshan an Dongxiang Salar Autonomous County.

Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture: one city, seven counties

Hezuo City, Zhouqu County, Zhuoni County, Lintan County, Diebu County, Xiahe County, Luqu county and Maqu County.