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Where is the best place to enjoy cherry trees in Chengdu? Four cherry viewing resorts in Chengdu

Chengdu is also the most beautiful place to see cherry blossom blooming. Every year, there is also a very famous cherry blossom festival held here. So, where should we go for Cherry Blossom appreciation in Chengdu? Do you know the most beautiful cherry base?

The most beautiful place to see cherry blossom in Chengdu

1. Fenghuang lake, Qingbaijiang

A large cherry blossom festival is held every year in Fenghuang lake, Qingbaijiang river. A large number of cherry trees are planted in the park. When the cherry blossom is blooming, it is the most beautiful day of Fenghuang lake.

The first phase of Fenghuang Lake in Qingbaijiang river is a large-scale landscape with complete functions of 800 Mu core area, with 300 mu theme ecological lake, sparkling egrets flying together, the highest spraying height (160 meters), the largest water curtain area (1200 square meters), and the most clear water curtain music exciting fountain in China; there are classic buildings integrating the local characteristics of various countries in the world: Sydney architecture, Dutch style restaurant, Costa Rica Nearly 20000 cherry trees, Cherry Avenue, Chinese landscape garden landscape, Western Sichuan folk custom scenic spot, etc. have been planted in special buildings, British style garden, Japanese courtyard hot springs, bars, tea bars, restaurants, cherry public square covering an area of more than 40 mu.

2. Cherry Blossom base in Sanlang Town, Chongzhou

Chongzhou ten thousand mu Cherry Blossom base is located on Chongzhou Chongqing Road, which is praised as "the most beautiful rural road in China" by netizens. It is mainly distributed in Chayuan village, Santai village and Huangnigou of Fengming village, Sanlang Town, with an altitude of 680-1200 meters and a total area of nearly 15000 mu. It is the largest ornamental cherry planting base in China, with more than 20 varieties, such as Japanese late cherry and Japanese early cherry, and the main colors are big Red, pink, pure white and golden. Because of the diversity of cherry varieties in Sanlang town and the different flowering periods of each variety, the scene of cherry blossoms blooming gradually here is formed. The whole flowering period can last 40-50 days.

In April, when the world is in full bloom, the cherry blossom of Sanlang begins to bloom. The flowering period of the cherry blossom of Sanlang is in April.

From the early 1980s, the Japanese Cherry planting has been introduced into Sanlang town. Especially in the two years after the earthquake, the cherry planting area in the tea garden village of Sanlang town has grown explosively, reaching more than 5000 mu. According to Yang Deming, Sanlang town has inadvertently become the largest cherry planting base in the Province.

3. Flower dance world

Every time when the cherry blossom is in full bloom, the flower dance world scenic spot will attract thousands of tourists to enjoy the cherry blossom. Each cherry tree is full of brilliant smile. It is charming and enchanting with various shapes, which makes people dazzled.

There are lots of cherry blossoms in haitangshanshe, cherry lake and other scenic spots in the world of flower dance. There are lots of cherry blossoms in full bloom. The pink flower buds are like the light clouds in the sky. The spring breeze blows gently, and the petals fall on the lake. There is no implicit beauty of melancholy. Many tourists enjoy flowers, photos, picnics and romantic holidays.

4. Sakura Avenue

Where is the most beautiful Sakura Avenue in Chengdu? Maybe you only know that the Sakura in Fenghuang lake is very beautiful. In fact, the Sakura here also has a special charm!

Address of the most beautiful cherry blossom Avenue in Chengdu: Wuhouci street from Jinli gate to tongci Road intersection

135 cherry blossoms are in full bloom, which makes many pedestrians stop to pose for selfie. Some people joked that it was just like Japan. Cherry Blossom's flowering period is not long. People who want to enjoy flowers go to Wuhouci street to feast their eyes

This is the most concentrated cherry blossom on the main road in the main urban area of Chengdu. In order to let them open in the environment with heavy tail gas, the garden department has spent a lot of energy on management and protection. The flowering period of cherry blossom is not long. People who enjoy flowers can go to Wuhouci street to have a look.