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Is Wuhan Happy Valley fun? Inventory of Wuhan Happy Valley for children

It's time for cherry blossom to open. Many people are going to visit Wuhan. So, what are the attractions suitable for children in Wuhan? Wuhan Happy Valley can be said that parents and children must go to the scenic spot. The amusement park is the yearning and expectation of every child's heart. Whether it's a roller coaster or a carousel, it's the most happy time in children's heart! So, what are the more exciting projects in Wuhan Happy Valley?

12 exciting game experiences:

1. Royal turn

European style double-layer Royal revolving horse is exquisite and noble. In the happy and clear music, countless dreamlike lights cast on the face, mount the colorful horse, and gallop in the fairy tale world!

2. Heterometric space

In the gloomy, horrible and strange space, there are thousands of years old corpses, wolf faced people, hungry wolves with two horns and various ghosts & hellip; & hellip; whether you are afraid or not, you can feel the joy of challenge in the scream!

3, Disko

A big disc swings along the arc track, leading people to dance the classic and happy disko! The disc rotates and slides back and forth with the music, everyone sings and dances, happy!

4. Hurricane flying chair

When the hurricane comes, the chair rotates along with the hurricane. Sit in the flying chair and feel the pleasure of conquering the hurricane! The roaring sound of the hurricane is replaced by laughter!

5. Energy storm

The shape is similar to the octopus' energy storm ', which can drive the energy explosion in the rapid rotation. The incredible speed and double rotation will bring you an unparalleled memory!

6. Rush hour

The ants set up a ladder, so high! Don't be afraid, the seat on the ladder will take you to the sky, and then return to the ground, and fly up and down together!

7. Samba balloon

Big balloons bring the same enthusiasm as Samba dancing. Can you enjoy the scenery of cartoon factory in the mid air? Do you want to dance enthusiastically in the air? Come soon!

8. Dazzle dance rotating cup

One by one, the big cups are combined together. Magic makes them spin up. Sitting in the cup, you can also dance a romantic Waltz!

9. Little devil in charge

The happy ghost house, which belongs to children and light-weight 'ghost' fans, blue sister and huluwa, these 'safe and pollution-free' Kawaii kids, can't help but take photos, and even children are willing to play with them.

10. Magic bike

Magic bike is not common. Riding it can make you fly! Looking down at the cartoon factory and rotating at your feet, isn't it unique?

11. Happy dance

Sit in a small car and start the magic jumping car journey! The car here is not only spinning at full speed, but also jumping up and down, which can make you enjoy yourself!

12. Star Wars

The star wars that the whole people participated in began. Only by grasping the 'catapult' in their hands, aiming at each other and launching soft bubbles' bombs', and aiming at the target, can they become the marksman of all kinds.