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Wuhan's hidden wanghong scenic spot is a paradise for children

I believe a lot of people who play tremble know that there is a net red photo studio in Wuhan, which relies on the principle of mirror reflection. For Wuhan's online red earth, many local people may not know that this place is Wuhan Van Gogh Star Art Museum. So, where is this place? Who is the right person to go?

The van Gogh starry sky Art Museum in Wuhan has been open for less than a year. It has a special experience site, 'magic image maze', which presents a kind of spatial illusion and visual effects, attracting many people to go there.

Walking in the mirror maze, no matter at the top or under the feet, is full of bright lights. In addition, there are different colors, which will also make people feel very romantic. Photos taken here will be more artistic.

The mirror maze is a creative art form, which enables visitors to feel this wonderful and magical feeling. In addition, the tickets here are not expensive, only 45, so that the public price, you can invite good friends to play together.

In addition, the details in the art museum are also considerate, with the best shooting location marked in it. There will also be corresponding instructions and sample pictures to show you how to take good photos. The venue is quite large, there are many places to take photos, and there are many exhibition halls. There are also 5D art exhibition, painting exhibition (about Van Gogh's painting exhibition), and many other entertainment items, whether it's family and friends or parent-child tours, which are suitable. Friends and children who love to take photos are sure to like them very much.

In the past, it is recommended to avoid weekends, because there will be a little more people on weekends. If you want to take a pure picture, it may take a long time.

Wuhan Van Gogh Star Art Museum Address: Green hall, the third floor of Haining Leather City, No.188 Longyang Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan

There are not many people on the first floor and the second floor of Haining Leather City, so if you go, don't feel that you have gone to the wrong place. After running to the third floor, you will arrive at such a wonderful place.

In addition, if you want to go, you'd better go in the morning, which needs to control the flow of people. If you want to go in the afternoon, you may need to line up.