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Which province is Hengshan located in? What is unique about Hengshan Mountain?

Hengshan, also known as Nanyue, Shouyue and Nanshan, is one of the "Five Mountains" in China. So, which province is Hengshan located in? What are the characteristics of Hengshan?

Hengshan, located in Nanyue District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, with an altitude of 1300.2 meters. As the climate conditions are better than other four mountains, there are luxuriant forests and bamboos everywhere, green all the year round; exotic flowers and plants, fragrance in four seasons, and beautiful natural scenery, so it is also known as "the only one in the South". "Heng Yue Yin" by Wei Yuan of the Qing Dynasty said: 'mount Hengshan is like walking, Mount Taishan is like sitting, Mount Huashan is like standing, Mount Songshan is like lying down, only the south mountain is like flying. 'this is a compliment to Hengshan.

Among the five mountains, Hengshan is the only one in the south. It is said in shuyiji that the Nanyue system was formed by Pangu's left arm. Nanyue Mountain is called Hengshan. Because it is located in the wing of Fuxing, which has a star degree of twenty-eight, the degree should be Jiheng. Like a weighing instrument, it can weigh the weight of heaven and earth, and it can 'Quan De Jun things', so it is named Hengshan. And because there is a small star beside the star, called Changsha star, which is in charge of human life. Hengshan belonged to Changsha in ancient times. By name, Hengshan is called Shouyue. The posterity's birthday celebration is often praised as "shoubinan mountain". Its source is borrowed from here.

Hengshan Mountain in the south is near the Xiangshui river. It has verdant trees and beautiful scenery. It enjoys the reputation of "five outstanding mountains". Hengshan, located in Hengshan County, Hunan Province, is the south of the five mountains. It is famous all over the world since ancient times, especially for its magnificent natural scenery and the cultural landscape formed by Buddhism and Taoism.

Hengshan is a famous Taoist and Buddhist holy land in China. There are more than 200 temples, temples, nunneries and temples around the mountain. Hengshan is the place where Tang Yao and Yu Shun, kings of ancient times, visited the territory to hunt and sacrifice the country, and Xia Yu killed horses and sacrificed the heaven and earth to seek the method of flood control. Hengshan Mountain God is Zhu Rong, the God of fire worshipped by the people. He was appointed by the Yellow Emperor to guard Hengshan Mountain, teach the people to use fire and cultivate all things. After his death, he was buried in the Red Emperor peak of Hengshan Mountain and was honored as the holy emperor of Nanyue. Taoism 'thirty six caves, seventy-two blessed places', there are four located in Hengshan, Buddha Sakyamuni two real body relics hidden in Hengshan Nantai Temple King Kong relics tower.

The main peaks of Hengshan Mountain are Huiyan peak, zhurong peak, zigai peak, Yuelu Mountain, etc. the highest peak is zhurong peak with an altitude of 1300.2 meters. The main part of Hengshan lies between 27 & deg; 4 & prime; - 27 & deg; 20 & prime; north latitude and 112 & deg; 34 & prime; - 112 & deg; 44 & prime; east longitude, with northeast southwest trend. It starts from futianpu township of Hengshan County in the north, Zhangmu township of Hengyang County in the south, Jiepai Town of Hengyang County in the west, Nanyue District of Hengyang City in the East, with a length of 38 kilometers, the widest part of 17 kilometers, and a total area of 640 square kilometers.