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What are the most beautiful flowers in China? What is the best travel season?

There are beautiful flowers everywhere, but it's natural. So, what are the most beautiful flowers in China?

A sea of flowers in Yunnan. There has always been a saying: do not go to heaven, go to the rain!

Yubeng Village is located in Yunling Township, Deqin County, Yunnan Province, at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain Goddess Peak, Nianci mother peak, Wuguan peak and other tall mountains. Yubeng Village is sparsely populated. There are only 20 families in the village. It is a paradise to connect with the outside world through only one post road.

May July: green with eyes, a thriving scene. But June and July are rainy seasons, and mountain roads will be difficult to walk.

9-10: in August and September, buckwheat flowers bloom, and in the middle of September, wolfram flowers turn red. The rain avalanche is a sea of flowers, with beautiful scenery.

Mid October to early November: golden yellow mountains, beautiful autumn, but also the most beautiful season to see Meili Snow Mountain.