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Which mountains do the five mountains refer to? Why is Mount Tai called the head of the five mountai

Mount Tai has always been known as the first of the five mountains, the longest of the five mountains and the first mountain in the world. So, which mountains are included in the five mountains? Why is Mount Tai called the head of the five mountains? Taishan is located in Taishan District, Taian City, central Shandong Province, with a total area of 24200 hectares. Yuhuangding, the main peak, is 1545 meters above sea level. It is a world natural and cultural heritage, a World Geopark and a national 5A level scenic spot.

Five mountains refer to Mount Tai, Huashan, Hengshan, Songshan and Hengshan.

Huashan Mountain is 2154 meters high, Hengshan Mountain is 1300 meters high, Hengshan Mountain is 2016.1 meters high and Songshan Mountain is 1491.7 meters high. Taishan Mountain is only the third highest. Why does Taishan Mountain rank first among the five mountains?

There are many places of interest in Mount Tai, including daimiao, Puzhao temple, wangmuchi, Hongmen palace, Nantianmen, riguanfeng, bixiaci, Yuhuangding, Xianrenqiao, etc., among which the rising sun, yupan in the sea of clouds, sunset sunset and golden belt of the Yellow River are known as the four wonders. The best time to visit Mount Tai is from May to November every year. It's better to avoid the golden week of May 1 and 11.

Taishan Mountain in the East, Huashan Mountain in the west, Hengshan Mountain in the south, Hengshan Mountain in the north and Songshan Mountain in the middle are famous all over the world. The five mountains split the earth and skyscrapers, with different characteristics. In ancient times, people were restricted by some conditions, so it was impossible to make a comprehensive study of the famous mountains in the world, so they could not 'choose the best'.

Reason 1: there were 72 emperors in Taishan in the past dynasties. Fengchan is a sacrificial activity held by ancient emperors. In ancient times, people thought that Mount Tai was the highest mountain in the mountains, and it was the "first mountain in the world". Therefore, the emperor should sacrifice on the highest mountain, which can be regarded as the divine grant of monarchy.

Reason two: Dongyue Taishan, Xiyue Huashan, Heng Mountain, Beiyue Mt. Hengshan and Zhongyue Songshan. Taishan is in the East, according to the order or according to the traditional Chinese thinking of the East. Mount Tai is indeed the top of the five mountains.

The third reason: in addition to the successive emperors in Mount Tai, there are also a large number of literati here to visit and write poems and paintings to praise Mount Tai. According to the existing more than 1800 stone carvings and more than 800 steles in Mount Tai, it can be seen that Mount Tai plays an important role in the hearts of literati.