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Why is Mount Tai the first of the five mountains? The legend of Mount Tai

Why is Mount Tai the first of the five mountains?

1、 Reason:

1. Geographically, Mount Tai is the highest mountain in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. The Dawenkou Culture in the South and Longshan Culture in the North fully show that Mount Tai is one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization. The Yellow River Basin is often flooded. The ancestors borrowed Mount Tai to avoid floods. This function of Mount Tai makes Mount Tai more mythical.

2. Historically, due to the activity scope of ancestors and the first height of Mount Tai in this area, the worship of heaven appeared in Mount Tai. This worship did not disappear with the progress of productivity and knowledge, but became the same theory that ancient Chinese emperors publicized the "divine right" to strengthen their rule. In order to prove this theory, there was the activity of Fengtai mountain. There were 72 emperors in the past dynasties who went to Mount Tai to worship the first emperor of Qin in Mount Tai. Since then, there have been many more emperors who have become the first of the five mountains.

3. Culturally, the common people come to Mount Tai to pray for the blessing of its mother, Bixia Yuanjun. Buddhism and Taoism come to Mount Tai to carry forward their own theory by virtue of Mount Tai's fame. Most scholars come to Mount Tai for the purpose of traveling around the mountains and rivers. Many scholars leave a lot of poems and Fu about Mount Tai, which is incomparable to other four mountains.

4. Among the five mountains, Mount Tai is in the East, and the sun also rises in the East. Chinese people are generally large in the East!

2、 About Mount Tai:

Mount Tai scenic spot: World Natural and cultural heritage, World Geopark, national AAAAA level scenic spot, national level scenic spot, national key cultural relics protection unit, China National mountain, China Intangible Cultural Heritage, national civilized scenic spot, the first mountain in Chinese calligraphy.

Taishan, also known as Daishan, Daizong, Daiyue, Dongyue and Taiyue, is located in the central part of Shandong Province, belonging to Tai'an City, stretching between Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo, with a total area of 24200 hectares. Yuhuangding, the main peak with an altitude of 1545 meters, is majestic and majestic. It is known as "the first of the five mountains", "the length of the five mountains" and "the first mountain in the world".

Mount Tai is regarded by the ancients as a heaven of 'direct connection to the throne' and a sacred mountain worshipped by the people. There is a saying that Mount Tai is safe and all the world is safe. From the first emperor of Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, there were 13 generations of emperors who led them to Mount Tai for Buddhist worship or sacrifice, and another 24 generations of emperors sent officials to sacrifice 72 times.

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What does it take to climb Mount Tai?

To climb Mount Tai for the first time, please pay attention to:

Pay attention to the route: for the first time, work hard with many people, or check more online. Take the train to Mount Tai (Tai'an), get off the train and leave the station. Go straight to the left Avenue, walk to the T-junction and drive to the right. Take the No.3 red gate terminal, which is also at the foot of Mount Tai.

Pay attention to deception prevention: don't listen to the actual language of the taxi to deceive anything. Take a taxi for 10 yuan and send it to you. It's impossible that the gas money is not enough. I met a female taxi driver who said it was 10 yuan. I was very polite when I spoke. It was cold on the mountain, and things were expensive. I had to wear thick clothes. Looking at the kind heart, I was buried by money. I told you again, and then I got in the car, saying that things were expensive on the mountain, cold at night, and there was fog and rain. I want to buy raincoats, incense, rent clothes and other things, and then I'll take them to a shop. The driver follows me and rents one. When you go in, you will see a lot of shopping, rent coats, sell incense, raincoats, and don't like what the driver said on the Internet.

Pay attention not to rent the overcoat first, but rent one at Nantianmen. The deposit is 100 in total. It's easy to refund and redeem the deposit here. If you rent it below, it's inconvenient to return it. If you take a thick coat with you. It's not too cold in summer and the coldest is 20 degrees.

Raincoat must be bought. In case of rain, it will cost 10 yuan in the South Gate of Zhongtianmen.

Place to buy Incense: at the place to buy tickets and Zhongtianmen, the price is only 3 yuan.

If you have the money to go to Zhongtianmen bus for 30 yuan, you can take the cableway for 60 yuan to Nantianmen. Then it's half an hour after climbing.

Take care to bring food and enough dry food. In the tourist area, 10 yuan is worth 5 yuan, but there is no bubble, so it's better not to bring noodles. Fruit with a little, more water, mineral water with 5 bottles

Notice the time: it takes 12 hours to climb up and down here, catch up with the rain, not see the sunrise, not see the sea of clouds, but it's really spectacular, standing at a high place, I can feel it only through my own experience. But it was fine when I came down. I watched the clouds floating under my feet and the city in the distance. It's really beautiful. It's worth it to be tired again.

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How high is Mount Tai?

With the approval and authorization of the State Council, the elevation data of the first batch of 19 famous scenic spots are published as follows: Mount Tai 1532.7 m, Mount Hua 2154.9 m, Mount Heng 1300.2 m, Mount Heng 2016.1 m, Mount Song 1491.7 m, Mount Wutai 3061.1 m, Mount Yuntai 624.4 m, Mount Putuo 286.3 m, Mount Yandang 1108.0 m, Mount Huangshan 1864.8 m, Mount Jiuhua 1344.4 m, Mount Lu 1473.4 m, Mount Jinggang 1597.6 M , 1819.9m for Sanqing mountain, 247.4m for Longhu Mountain, 1132.7m for Laoshan Mountain, 1612.1m for Wudang Mountain, 1260.0m for Qingcheng Mountain and 3079.3m for Emei Mountain.

Mount Tai, also known as Dai mountain, is the first of the five mountains. It is located in Tai'an City, Shandong Province. Its main peak is 1545 meters above sea level, with 6600 steps. Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, a great thinker and educator in China's history. Its main tourist attractions are Confucius mansion, Confucius Temple and Confucius forest, which are called three Confucius for short. The profound cultural heritage, numerous cultural relics and beautiful scenery along the way will be the best choice for your tourism.

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What specialties can Shandong take away?

Shandong's specialties include: Zhangqiu green onion, dong'a-jiao, Dezhou braised chicken, Tsingtao beer, Mingshui fragrant rice, Jinan chicken, Longshan millet, etc.

1. Zhangqiu scallion: it's named after Zhangqiu, Jinan. It's one of the famous specialties in Shandong Province. Zhangqiu scallion is known as the "king of scallions" for its "name", "special" and "excellent". The main variety is' big parasol ', which is characterized by: mild spicy taste, slight dew and sweet, crisp and delicious, large green and white, suitable for long-term storage.

2. East Ejiao: Liaocheng City is the hometown of Ejiao and magpie in China. It is known as the "auspicious place of ten thousand magpies and the hometown of longevity of Ejiao in a thousand years". The main raw material for the production of donkey hide gelatin is donkey hide, which is matched with rock sugar.

3. Dezhou braised chicken: it began in the Qing Dynasty, spread in the Republic of China, and flourished today. It is a famous historical food both at home and abroad. After more than ten generations of hard business development, it has become a unique Chinese famous food from a local famous product. It is more perfect and famous in color, fragrance, taste, shape, quality, breeding and packaging.

4, Tsingtao Brewery: Tsingtao Brewery is a famous brand in Shandong. Tsingtao Brewery is made from high quality barley, rice, top quality hops and soft and hard, moderate and clean Laoshan mineral spring. The liquor is clear, transparent, light yellow, clear and white, delicate and lasting. It has strong hops and malt fragrance, as well as unique bitter taste of hops, refreshing when drinking.

5. Fresh water fragrant rice: fresh water fragrant rice, named for its production in the Mingshui district (Mingshui street and Shuangshan Street) of Zhangqiu City, Jinan, is one of the famous specialties of Shandong Province. Its grain is yellowish, translucent, full, hard, transparent and oily; the rice tastes very refreshing, and its fragrance can greatly increase appetite and aftertaste, so the people of Jinan are commonly known as "fragrant" M '. The production area of fragrant rice in Mingshui is in Mingshui Town, which is located in the eastern suburb of Jinan City, with the Yellow River in the north. The soil conditions are very suitable for the growth of fragrant rice.

6. Jinan chicken: Jinan chicken is a famous traditional dish of the Han nationality in Jinan, Shandong Province. The dish is ruddy and beautiful, fat, tender and palatable. The more you chew, the more fragrant it is, the better the flavor. It has a history of 200 years and was founded by qiluzhai Deli. This dish inherits the traditional method of making, and has the characteristics of fine selection, complete ingredients and fine cooking.

7. Longshan millet: Longshan millet, produced around Longshan Town, Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, is one of the four major tributes in the Qing Dynasty, one of the four famous rice in the country, the first of Longshan's three treasures, known as Longshan rice. Longshan small rice grain is round and large, golden yellow and bright in color, with high rice yield. The porridge cooked with it is golden yellow, with thick soup, a layer of rice oil on the surface, rich fragrance and nutrition. The area of Longshan Town is the Piedmont proluvial soil with fertile soil and high soil nutrient content. Longshan millet is commonly known as "rainy day drought" in folk, because its leaves curl in rainy day, which looks like the drought.

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What is the most famous snack in Shandong?

In the land of Shandong Province, which is dominated by pasta, a series of pasta such as Qingdao steamed bun, signature steamed bun and pancake are included in the top ten famous pasta dishes in Shandong Province. The geographical location of Shandong Province, bordering the mountains in the East and the sea in the west, also enriches the variety of Shandong cuisine. Some dishes, including yam, donkey meat, seafood and so on, have been selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. If you have the chance to go to Shandong, you must not miss these delicious top ten Shandong famous foods.

Jinan yam

In addition to the main dishes such as jiuzhuan large intestine, sweet and sour carp, the final dessert is often the dish of plucked silk. One of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong is the Jinan Chinese yam.

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2. Qingdao big bag

Because of its thin skin and tender filling, the three delicacies in Qingdao hotel became famous in the island city for a while, which became the synonym of Qingdao snacks and was also selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. At that time, if you want to buy Qingdao bags, you may have to line up for an hour. But Qingdao big bag has also made a common problem of Chinese snacks, that is, the reputation has gone up and the quality has come down. As a result, the once beautiful Qingdao bag gradually disappeared in people's vision.

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3. Weifang Meat fire

In Shandong, burning is a very popular and cheap snack, a few cents a. It's the best pasta to eat. Weifang Meat fire is also the breakfast of local people in Weifang. With good reputation, he was selected as one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province.

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4. Jining pork dry rice

B & egrave; ng R & ograve; u dry rice, a traditional snack, is known as the first Chinese dish and originated in the Yuan Dynasty. It is one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong. With the opening of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, rice from the south is transported to the north by water. At that time, people put the stewed meat and rice together to eat, which has a unique flavor. In today's Jining people are still very fond of this kind of rice.

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5. Zaozhuang vegetable pancake

Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are mainly made of pancakes from the south of Shandong Province, which are fried and roasted with various vegetables. Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are all beautiful in five colors and fragrant in six flavors. They are suitable for both young and old. They are commonly known as "Lunan hot dogs and hamburgers". Vegetable pancakes can be used not only as banquet food, but also as ordinary family meals. They are easy to make, fast and nutritious. They are the most suitable instant fast food for fast-paced workers.

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6. Yimeng single chicken

Yimeng bachelor chicken is a famous local food in Mengyin. It is popular in Yimeng mountain area with its unique flavor. Fu Zeming, the founder, opened a fried chicken shop in Xiling, Mengyin County, mainly to cook Mengshan rooster, which attracted a large number of diners with delicious taste and special flavor. Because the staff of the fried chicken shop are all men and the materials are all roosters, the dish is nicknamed "light chicken". This shop