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What flowers can Chengdu enjoy in spring? Where are the major flower appreciation bases?

Chengdu is also a city with relatively developed tourism industry. From the first spring of each year, it is also a good time to enjoy flowers. So, which flowers can Chengdu enjoy in spring? Where can I go to enjoy the flowers?

1. Jintang & middot; Sanxi town

Every spring, Sanxi town in Jintang should be the first place where rape flowers bloom in Chengdu.

Enjoying flowers and having tea and picking fruit in the farmhouse seems to be plain but leisurely.

2. Taohua village, Jinxing Township, Dayi

It's about 65 kilometers away from the downtown of Chengdu, and in more than an hour, it's gathering rapidly.

It covers an area of more than 1200 mu, but there are more kinds. Ornamental Peach Blossom, Begonia flower, pear flower and so on, white and red, very good-looking.

When the flowers are in full bloom, you can enjoy the most beautiful spring of ten li peach blossom in Chengdu, which will absolutely amaze you!

3. Xinjin flower dance world

Huawurenren, covering an area of more than 3000 mu, is located in Xinjin County, the southern suburb of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, only 30 kilometers away from the urban area of Chengdu. It is also a national AAAA level tourist attraction and awarded the title of "best example of global low carbon scenic spot" by the general planning administration of the United Nations.

There are dozens of scenic spots in the world of flower dance, all of which present the scene of landscape integration and scene integration. Once entering, tulips are greeting you!

4. Haitang Park, Anlong Town, Dujiangyan

Haitang park is located in BOJIANG village, Anlong Town, Dujiangyan. It has planted more than 2000 mu of Haitang. From March to April, when the flowers bloom, it is known as the largest Haitang flower sea in China.

The crabapple flowers in the garden are all taller than people, so there is a wonderful feeling of people swimming in the flowers. There are also small bridges, flowing water, Western Sichuan crabapple king and Sichuan style bonsai to purify your eyes!

5. Xinghua village, Qingbaijiang

Du Mu said: Excuse me, where is the restaurant? Shepherd boy refers to Xinghua village.

In Xinghua village of Qingbaijiang River, there are many apricot trees everywhere.

Willow wind, apricot rain, March, is the full bloom of apricot here.