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When does the Rhododendron of Jinfoshan bloom?

Every spring, there is a grand gathering in Jinfo Mountain, which is a grand gathering of flowers. The whole Jinfo mountain will be submerged in a sea of flowers! It's said that April is the most beautiful day in the world, so is Jinfoshan, because the azaleas in Jinfoshan are going to bloom! So, when does the azalea in Jinfo mountain open? What kinds are there?

At that time, nearly 100 mu of azalea will bloom in the wind, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain in turn, covering the mountain and the sea of flowers, so beautiful and bubbling that it will fill your girl's heart. The whole Jinfo Mountain scenic area has up to 64 varieties and more than 500000 azalea plants

Among them, there are more than 10 kinds of Rhododendron, such as Jinshan Rhododendron, broad handle Rhododendron, tree wind Rhododendron, which are unique to Jinfoshan in the world

A thousand year old Rhododendron with a height of 13.8 meters and a base diameter of 7 meters around, it has a beautiful blooming season

Last year's Rhododendron Festival, the most attractive thing is the small train to enjoy flowers. It's just like a pumpkin carriage to a banquet in a castle. It takes you to open a romantic and beautiful fairy tale world

With the temperature rising, the azaleas in Jinfoshan are in bud. The flower sea is coming. Are you ready?