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Why is Potala Palace not allowed to take photos? The reason why Potala Palace forbids taking photos

We all know that we don't take photos when we travel to Potala Palace. What's the matter? Why does this happen? When I was playing with my friend in the Potala Palace Square, my friend said that she wanted to take a picture directly opposite the Potala Palace. When she sat down to take a picture, two staff members came here and asked us not to take a picture. They also asked us to delete the picture we had just taken. Why don't you sit in the square right in front of blah palace and take photos?

I asked a local friend, who said that maybe we have brother soldiers or uncle police in the background of the photo. This kind of photo can't be taken casually, or for some other reasons. In addition, in addition to not being able to sit and take photos, several people can not pull a banner to take photos together. The friends who go to Lhasa should pay attention to these rules and abide by them.

Why don't Potala Palace let you take close photos?

Reason 1: cultural relics may be very valuable

Potala Palace has a large collection and preservation of extremely rich historical relics. Among them, there are more than 2500 square meters of murals, nearly 1000 pagodas, tens of thousands of statues, tens of thousands of thangkas (scroll paintings); there are precious Scripture collections such as the bayonet Scripture and the ganjul Scripture; the gold books, gold seals, jade seals and a large number of gold, silver, porcelain, enamel, jade ware, brocade and crafts granted to the Dalai Lama by the Ming and Qing emperors, which show the relationship between the local government and the central government in Tibet in history Arts and crafts, these cultural relics are colorful and rich in themes.

Reason 2: taboos of Tibetan Buddhism

Potala Palace is a palace with religious beliefs, visitors need to follow all the taboos of Tibetan Buddhism. After entering the Potala Palace, you can't wear hats and sunglasses, especially skirts. Tourists wearing skirts will be required to put on pants before entering. You can't take photos in the main hall or trample on the threshold with your feet. Prohibition of taking pictures is a respect for religious culture

Yang, respect and cloth Palace are the most important place in the Tibetan area. Countless believers begin to turn around cloth palace before dawn. When devout believers turn scriptures outside, how disrespectful it is for tourists to take pictures of stupas and Buddha statues.

Reason 3: protection of cultural relics

It's forbidden to take photos. It's also for the protection of antiques, because taking photos can produce bad light! What are the best positions to take photos in Potala Palace Square?

What kind of pose should I take photos in the Potala Palace Square?

1. Take photos in hidden clothes

There are people who rent Tibetan clothes in Potala Palace Square. It's also a good choice to wear Tibetan clothes here for photos.

2. Jump photo

Don't jump too often. If it's high, it's not worth it.

3. Photo with bicycle in hand

A lot of cyclists like to take a picture of their bikes here to celebrate their arrival in Lhasa.

4. Art style photography

Girls take photos here, and they can take some more artistic actions, such as reaching for the sky.