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What are the characteristics of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival? How long does Linzhi Peach Blossom

In recent years, tourism along the Sichuan Tibet line has gradually become a new upsurge. The reputation of Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival is even louder. Many donkeys want to visit Linzhi in spring to see the beautiful peach blossom and have a visit to Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival in Tibet. So, what are the characteristics of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival? When does Linzhi peach blossom bloom? How long does it last?

Every year, Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will be held in March and April. This year's Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will be held on March 29, but according to previous experience, it should be from late March to early April, with a time span of nearly one month, so don't worry about enough time. It's more than enough compared with the three-day Sheraton Festival.

The Peach Blossom Festival enjoys peach blossom, which is the first feature of Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival. As the "south of the Yangtze River in Tibet", Linzhi has a mild climate and low altitude, which is the best place for Tourism along the Sichuan Tibet line. In March and April, peach blossom blooms in full bloom, dotted with pink and red on the fertile land of Linzhi, soaked in the color of nature. Looking out, pink and white peach blossom forest, green willow branches, green wheat fields The blue river and the tip of the snow-white iceberg make up a landscape that can take the most beautiful pictures without any tools.

If there is only beautiful peach blossom, can the Peach Blossom Festival in Longquan, Chengdu and Pinggu, Beijing be compared with the Peach Blossom Festival in Linzhi? That's a big mistake, not to mention that the Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival belongs to the best of the best, where the blue sky and white clouds win PM2.5. The real core of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival is to make Nyingchi a place of romantic love, just like the Aegean Sea in Greece. As we all know, peach blossom also has another meaning. It means love when you hit it and are lucky. Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, enjoy such romance with your beloved people. It is a beautiful day before and after the flowers, and you will grow old together with your son. Love with a partner will be more sweet, beautiful and harmonious. Those without a partner can have an unforgettable encounter under the peach tree. They are really envious of others.

Another feature of Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival is the ethnic culture and Tibetan cuisine. In the mainland, people of Han nationality usually come into contact with them. Occasionally, ethnic minorities are also mostly assimilated. Take advantage of Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival to Tibet, experience the real ethnic culture, offer hada, dance ethnic dance, and wear Tibetan clothes. Friends who like Tibetan culture can go to Tibetan villages more deeply. They are hospitable and hospitable Easy to approach people, will take out good wine and good dishes to entertain guests, which is about Tibetan food, Zanba butter tea, which everyone knows not to watch, in Bayi Town, the local Luoba people will use the most national characteristics of roasted rat meat to entertain guests, this can be done with psychological preparation, if not eat or politely refuse, after all, not everyone can accept rat meat; in In Lulang Town, you can taste the authentic chicken in Lulang stone pot. The soup is thick and tastes delicious. The chicken tastes delicious and tastes great. There are also some hospitable Tibetans who may take out the Tibetan fragrant pig to entertain the guests (if you want to eat it, you can go to some restaurants to specially order the Tibetan fragrant pig). The Tibetan fragrant pig is fed with Cordyceps sinensis, dangshen and other precious medicinal materials as feed, which belongs to Dabu food!

Experience the love, beauty, culture, food, Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival and other attractive places, such as the trade exhibition, the national characteristic performance at the opening of the Peach Blossom Festival, etc. in the trade exhibition, you can buy Tibetan specialties, such as precious and rare Cordyceps sinensis, saffron, matsutake, palm ginseng, Menba wooden bowl, Luoba stone pot, etc., if you want to buy the Tibetan Linzhi specialty You can come to the exhibition.

Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival is now a symbol of Linzhi and one of the most beautiful scenic spots on the way of Sichuan Tibet line self driving tour. When we talk about Linzhi, we will discuss the beauty of Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival and the bustle of Linzhi azalea festival in May, but 'the bustle is theirs, I have nothing', so come to Linzhi to have a bustle, because there are many tourists, Linzhi peach blossom Will thrive, bloom more beautiful.