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What are the most scenic spots in China? Why is Sanya on the list?

In recent years, with the increasing living standards, people choose a variety of ways to relax. Especially in recent years, the tourism industry has also reached a certain peak period. As soon as the general family has free time, they may go out to travel again. However, tourism should also be divided into different places, which is better not to go?

1、 Bashang grassland

The horse's hooves are broken when the sun sets, and the Oboo is singing when the moon is shining. When it comes to grassland, how many people are aroused to be full of pride and ambition. They also want to live a single life in the grassland, imagining that they can ride on the horse, but in fact, Marco is not so easy to ride. At least the scenes on TV that look natural and unrestrained are fake. When you go to Bashang grassland, you are ready to ride on the grassland, and go out at full speed , only money. Horses can't run fast, not because most people can't ride. For the sake of safety, they just sit on their horses like children and let others lead them for several times. When the horse comes out and you haven't touched it, you've already been charged. It's 100 yuan an hour. When you go out for the first time, you don't dare to spend much time on the horse, and you don't have much time on the horse.

2、 Ming Tombs

Ming Dynasty mausoleum was found more, the ancient place of peace, in the present has become a tourist attractions. The mausoleum is divided into two parts. The mausoleum is a building on the ground, and the chamber is only under the ground. So what we see when we go out for fun is the mausoleum. It's hard to avoid producing some harmful gases when the chamber is sealed for a long time. In the traditional Chinese concept, it's also unlucky to enter the chamber. In the Ming Tombs, there is no charge for the scenic spots, but when you go in, someone will remind you that you disturb the emperor's peace. If you don't burn money to eliminate the disaster, something bad will happen. Tourists will be charged hundreds of dollars before they react.

3、 Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is a famous scenic spot in Yunnan Province, with beautiful scenery and environment. It is the place that many people choose to visit. It should be noted that this is a place where ethnic minorities live. Up to now, there are still some special customs and habits. One of them is called & lsquo; Cave & rsquo;. When the local people find out that you are a tourist, they will take the initiative to pull you into the house & lsquo; Cave & rsquo;. Don't think it's a play project. After being pulled in, the local people will let you stay to live and live. If you don't give money, you can't come out. When you go out to play, you must pay attention to it. Don't be fooled by & lsquo; cave Room & rsquo; s up.

4、 Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple has been a school in China for a long time, and the movie and TV series of Shaolin temple also make people yearn for it. They want to see whether there is such magic on TV. They want to burn incense and pray for their families in the ancient temple, but now it's different from the ancient temple. The present Temple makes people unable to burn incense, so to speak & lsquo; Gaoxiang & rsquo; in fact, it's not the same The best incense here is 600 yuan for the cheapest one and 6000 yuan for the most expensive one. The food in Shaolin Temple is also very expensive, especially the cold skin. It costs 60 yuan per bowl. We can buy 10 bowls here.

Five, Sanya

When it comes to beaches and sunshine, everyone will think of Maldives, Sanya and other places. Compared with Sanya, it is much more convenient to go there. The tropical sunshine makes people yearn for. Blue sky, white clouds, beach and ocean, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. When you come to the seaside and want to eat seafood, you will find the clue. Sanya has a well-developed tourism industry, where businesses bid up prices and produce seafood, but seafood is extremely expensive. When you meet tourists who can eat, your wallet will shrivel in minutes.