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Why does optical valley pedestrian street become a world city? What are some interesting places in o

Optical valley pedestrian street is composed of a 1350 meter pure Pedestrian Commercial Street, which is used for shopping and consumption, catering and entertainment, tourism and sightseeing, entertainment and fitness, and is a multi-functional, full service, composite super commercial pedestrian street. From the world city square and Spanish style street, Italian style street, German style street, French style street, the architectural layout has its own characteristics. You can't shop all day here, and you're all step by step. Although the surrounding buildings and roads are congested and many people vomit, the street is still very popular.

The most lively time of optical valley pedestrian street is at night. When Huadeng lights up, the crowd welcomes it. The night view of optical valley pedestrian street is the largest color laser community in the world, which creates a world-class night sky in Wuhan.

1. Spanish style street

Spanish style street, located in the east side of Optical Valley square in Wuhan Optical Valley business circle, is a new masterpiece of world city launched in 2011 after phase I optical valley pedestrian street. The whole street is 329 meters long and consists of six buildings with Spanish characteristics, three squares of flamenco, Spain and bullfighter are connected in the middle to show the romantic and elegant Spanish style; the flagship of fashion trend brand The shop is the holy land for the new elite to taste; the unique landscape of exotic customs creates a delicate shopping environment for urban white-collar workers; the novel and interesting street art and performance bring vivid shopping experience; the unique and creative space opens a kaleidoscope of fashionable life.

2. Italian style street

Italian style street is positioned as a romantic wedding theme block. This is the first commercial pedestrian street with wedding as the theme in China, which will become the first choice for wedding celebrations of Guanggu people, Wuhan people and even the country's young people who yearn for romance. Its business forms mainly include wedding, middle and high-end fashion retail, creating a personalized, fashionable, artistic and romantic Italian style. It will also introduce original design brands and high-end fashion brands that connect with the first tier metropolises, in an effort to bring a new shopping experience to millions of white-collar and petty bourgeoisie in Wuhan. Opened in 2013.

3. World city square

The world city plaza is positioned as a business-oriented medium and high-end shopping center, which integrates international boutiques, fashion and popular department stores, super large fresh supermarkets, leisure and entertainment clubs, catering and gourmet food. It combines the characteristics of phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 commercial streets, with elegant, comfortable and relaxed shopping environment, attracting consumers who pursue quality life and stress life interest, and creating unique characteristics for them , comfortable shopping environment, for the majority of businesses to create a world-class efficient business platform. It has entered the stage of investment attraction.

4. German style street

Guanggu pedestrian street German style street is planned as the first 24-hour non night city in Wuhan, which is positioned as a purpose-oriented catering, entertainment and leisure theme block. The block reasonably arranges the distribution of business forms, and plans to have international and domestic fashion brand clothing, IMAX cinema, brand KTV, world style food, cultural and business bar, book bar, 24-hour convenience store and other business forms, while supporting 24-hour overnight convenience store, drugstore, bank and other living facilities, so as to maximize the popularity of night business. At that time, it will greatly extend the entertainment and leisure time of Optical Valley area and even the whole residents of Wuchang.

Opening on October 13, 2012. As the last phase of optical valley pedestrian street, many customers have paid close attention to this project for a long time. On the opening day, at 7 a.m., hundreds of customers were waiting outside the marketing center to enter the market. At 9:15 a.m., the number box was sealed on time. At 9:30, the first round of customers entered the site for room selection, which made the atmosphere even hotter. Among the on-site investors, most of them have already registered VIP customers. Although the weather was not good on the opening day, with occasional drizzle, the enthusiasm of more than 1000 investors was not affected by the weather at all. On the same day, the source of promotion reached 1 billion yuan in 3 hours.

5. French style street

French style street is positioned as an international boutique high-end department store with a commercial volume of 100000 square meters, consisting of top-level department stores and international boutique supermarkets. According to reports, phase 6 will not attract investment from domestic brands, introduce world first-line and second-line international well-known brands and well-known restaurants, from the world's top brand fashion, chic home life boutiques to all kinds of delicacies and delicacies, introduce many international well-known brands that first landed in Wuhan, and will set up flagship stores or concept stores to fully meet different levels of consumers Same taste needs. Gathering the essence of the world, French style street aims to bring different shopping and leisure experience to guests. Opened in 2014.