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Does Wuhan have a good night view? Ten most beautiful night scenes in Wuhan

It can be said that March of every year in Wuhan is the peak season of tourism, and there are many tourists to Wuhan. So, which places in Wuhan have the best night view? Wuhan's top ten night views. How many have you seen?

1. Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower is one of the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River and one of the top 40 national tourist attractions. It is known as the first floor of the world. Breaking through the peaks of Bashan mountain and accepting the water of Xiaoxiang cloud, the mighty Yangtze River converges with its longest tributary, Hanshui, in the hinterland of the three Chu River, which makes Wuhan stand apart from two rivers and three towns face each other. This place is located in the eastern edge of Jianghan Plain. The hills in Southeast Hubei fluctuate between pingye lake and marsh. There are two mountains, turtle and snake. The boat on the river is like a weaved Yellow Crane Tower.

2. Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It spans between Sheshan mountain in Wuchang and Guishan mountain in Hanyang. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in the night, under the stars and lights, shows the trend of "one bridge Flying North and south, the natural moat changes into a thoroughfare".

3, Qin Tai

Guqin platform, also known as boyaitai, is located at the foot of Guishan mountain, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, on the East Bank of Yuehu Lake. It is said that Yu Boya, a Qin player of Chu state, expressed his feelings on the Guqin in the spring and Autumn period. The woodcutter on the mountain could know the melody and his ambition in the high mountains and rivers in zhongziqi period. Boya would regard his son as a confidant. A few years later, Boya passed by Guishan again, and learned that Ziqi had died. He was so sad that he broke the zither and lost the zither all his life. Later generations felt that his friendship was deep, so they built a platform here to commemorate it. Facing Guishan mountain in the East and Moon Lake in the north, guqin platform is set off by night. The prosperity of the city is matched with the quiet lake scenery. The melody of high mountains and flowing water meeting bosom friends lingers in my ears.

4. Optical valley pedestrian street

The world's longest commercial pedestrian street - optical valley pedestrian street. In addition to the bustling business, night view is also a major feature of pedestrian street. With the cooperation of French lighting company and American EDAW lighting team, a large-scale color laser emission group will be produced in the entrance square. These colorful luminous columns correspond to all kinds of scenic spots and buildings set up in the entrance square, and make a wonderful spectacle in the night sky of the optical valley. On the floor of the whole pedestrian street, irregular color light-emitting tubes are installed. Looking down from the air, it is as beautiful and gorgeous as the shining Milky way. Optical valley pedestrian street has become a shining city card of Wuhan, attracting tourists from all over the world to enjoy leisure and fun while shopping.

5. Wuhan University

Wuhan University, surrounded by East Lake water and Luojia mountain, has a beautiful campus environment and picturesque scenery. It is known as "the most beautiful university in China". The palace style early building complex of Chinese and Western style is simple and elegant, lofty and spectacular, which can be called 'the masterpiece and model of modern Chinese University Campus Architecture'. The campus is evergreen all the year round, and the cherry blossom is the most famous. There are cherry castle, Cherry Avenue, cherry top, Luojia square and other related scenic spots. In the middle of March every year, when the cherry blossom is in full bloom, Wuhan University will attract millions of tourists to enjoy the flowers.

6. Northwest Lake

Northwest Lake Green Plaza is located in the commercial and Financial Street in the middle of Hankou district. It is adjacent to Jianshe Avenue in the South and Xinhua Road in the East. There are many financial enterprises and high-end office buildings here. New world department stores, Taipei shopping malls, Shangri La Hotel, etc. If you want to experience the prosperity of Wuhan, the Northwest Lake at night is worth visiting.

7. Wuhan Tiandi

After being transformed by Ryan, the historical and dusty dilapidated buildings have been infused with many fashionable elements and become a leisure, cultural and entertainment center in Wuhan. In just over a year, restaurants, bars, home furnishings, beauty salons and artworks have come to Wuhan, which is well-known. It has gradually become a "new landmark" of Wuhan fashion, a fashion world full of white-collar workers and petty bourgeoisie. Here, the civilization of the city and the quiet and harmonious coexistence of traditional buildings, the night of Wuhan world, but also presents a romantic, peaceful atmosphere.

8. Hankou River Beach

"Two rivers, four embankments and eight forest belts, fire trees, silver flowers and no night sky", this is a poet's praise for the beautiful scenery of Wuhan river beach. Among the waterscape of the three towns in Wuhan, Wuhan river beach is one of the most beautiful scenery in this riverside city. Three, three, two or three citizens or tourists walk leisurely among the green trees and flowers, walk along the cobblestone paved path, and enjoy the rare leisure in the busy life.

9. East Lake cherry garden

Wuhan East Lake Moshan cherry garden is located at the south foot of Moshan near Meiyuan, covering an area of 150 mu, with 5000 cherry trees. The first batch of cherry blossoms planted in the park were presented to Deng Yingchao by former Japanese Prime Minister Kazuo Tanaka, and then transferred to East Lake by Deng Yingchao. Most of the cherry trees now are planted by the joint investment of China and Japan in 1998. East Lake Moshan cherry garden, Hongqian cherry garden in Aomori County, Japan and Washington State cherry garden in the United States are also known as the three largest cherry cities in the world. Moshan cherry blossom garden is centered on the quintuple tower imitating Japanese architecture, with Japanese garden like lakes, islets, streams, Hongqiao, birdhouse, Doumen, even the management room and ticket office. During the cherry blossom opening period, the park will regularly play Japanese folk songs and provide many Japanese snacks. The whole scenic area embodies a strong Japanese style. Walking into Wuhan East Lake Moshan cherry garden, thousands of cherry blossoms are blooming in full bloom on the green hillside. When the breeze blows, the flowers and branches are swaying, and the setting flowers are colorful. In the night, the water shadow of the cherry garden wooden tower is fragrant. In the spring breeze and bright stars, it makes people linger.

10. Jianghan pass

Jianghan pass in Hankou is a building with Greek classical and European Renaissance architectural style. Because it stands at the right angle of the Riverside Avenue, the East and north sides of the building are displayed in front of people, unlike the three customs buildings in Shanghai and Guangzhou, which are arranged together with the houses on the left and right sides. Jianghan pass in the night, solemn and elegant, seems to tell the vicissitudes of Wuhan with a unique architectural language.