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What are the interesting places in Sanya? Five interesting scenic spots in Sanya

Every year, many tourists will visit Sanya, so Sanya has gradually evolved into the top tourist destination in China. When traveling to Sanya, many little friends are asking Sanya if it's fun? How many scenic spots are there in Sanya? What is the ranking of Sanya tourist attractions? What are the most interesting scenic spots in Sanya?

The remotest corners of the globe

Located 23 kilometers southwest of Sanya City, it is famous at home and abroad for its beautiful tropical natural seaside scenery, long and unique history and culture, and rich and colorful national customs. It is the first bright brand in Hainan Province in 20 years. On the beach of the Bay, there are hundreds of big and small stones, among which "Tianya", "Haijiao" and "nantianyizhu" are towering, towering and magnificent.

Yalong Bay

Located 28 kilometers southeast of Sanya, the southernmost tropical coastal tourist city in China, it is a half moon shaped bay at the southernmost tip of Hainan. It enjoys the reputation of "the best Bay in the world".

Wuzhizhou island

Wuzhizhou island enjoys the reputation of "China's first diving base". It's a holiday paradise hiding behind the beautiful scenery of Yalong Bay. Compared with Yalong Bay, it is quieter and more beautiful. It was once called China's Maldives.

The Gulf of Sanya

Sanya Bay is located in Sanya, Hainan Province, close to the urban area of Sanya, stretching for 22 kilometers, and is the largest Bay in Sanya. Sanya Bay is a fine bay with green trees on the bank. As a style Bay, the beach here is gentle, the sea is open, and the blue sky sets off the blue waves and thousands of sceneries.

Great East China Sea

Dadonghai is located between Yulin port and Luhuitou in Sanya City, Hainan Province, with a coastline of 2.9 kilometers. The "warm water, sand and white beach" has long made Dadonghai sound at home and abroad.

All the above scenic spots are fun places for Sanya tourist attractions. I hope you can enjoy them.