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Is Chongming Island in Shanghai fun? Why can Chongming Island become the most popular tourist destin

Now people can say that they live in a fast-paced urban life all day long. Most people are tired of the prosperity of the city and prefer to go on holiday for leisure events. For the bustling metropolis Shanghai, Chongming Island is a good place to go away from the noise of the city and have a weekend holiday. Moreover, it is the third largest island in China, with fresh air and beautiful environment. It is the only choice for leisure vacation. So, what's fun about Chongming Island?

What's interesting about Chongming Island

Chongming island itself is a huge address Park, which has many small scenic spots. Many Shanghai citizens like to bring their families here for holidays on weekends. When you come here, you can go to Dongtan Wetland Park to see the sunrise and migratory birds. Facing the sea, it is a good place to see the sunrise and also a bird watching resort. When you go to Xisha Wetland Park to enjoy the sunset, Xisha wetland is the best place to enjoy the sunset Standing by the river, you can see the boats coming and going on the Yangtze River. It's very comfortable with the breeze. Or you can go camping and cycling with your family in Dongping National Forest Park. The forest here is lush. You can ride your bike, play color bullets, slide grass, barbecue and camp here. It's suitable for outing with your family and friends.

One day tour in Chongming, Shanghai

Specific location: Baohu Road, Chongming District, Shanghai

Best travel time: spring, summer and autumn are the best travel time for Chongming Island, especially April to November, when the climate is mild and humid, making people feel very comfortable. At this time, Chongming Island is full of green, beautiful scenery, fresh air, trees and flowers, flourishing, competing for beauty.

Dressing Guide: Chongming Island has four distinct seasons, because it is close to Shanghai and has a similar climate with Shanghai. It's OK to wear normal clothes. It's worth noting that the Meiyu season of Chongming Island is from the end of June to the middle of July. Take rain gear when you travel.

Self driving: Shanghai Outer Ring Road (or Xiangyin road tunnel of central ring road) - Wuzhou Avenue in Pudong - Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel, tunnel bridge - Chongming Chenhai Road, with a one-way fee of 50 yuan;

Bus: take No. 6 Chongming Village to Xisha wetland station.

Chongming Island is really a very natural oxygen bar. The whole person has relaxed a lot by cycling through the forest. It's also very convenient to go to Chongming Island. Buses, ships and self driving can all go there. If it's a one-day tour, it's suggested to drive or report to the group, so the time is relatively good.