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Which month is the best tour in Inner Mongolia? What should I take when I go to Inner Mongolia?

The best time to visit Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is relatively vast, so it's good to go to different places in different seasons, such as Hulunbuir Manzhouli or ALSHAN. There will be ice and snow festival

If you want to see the grassland, July and August are the most beautiful months in summer. Hulunbuir grassland, Xilingol Grassland and Ordos grassland are all good choices. If you are close to Hohhot, you can go to Xiangshawan to play

If you are suggested to visit Populus euphratica in Ejina around the national day, it will be very beautiful

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What should I prepare for the grassland tour in Inner Mongolia?

Travel to Inner Mongolia with items and precautions: first, Inner Mongolia day and night temperature difference is large, to bring long sleeved clothing jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. 2、 Children under the age of 12 must be followed by their parents; 3. Necessary emergency drugs: band aids, Yunnan Baiyao, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, Fengyoujing, bandages, painkillers, stomach drugs, XIELITING and Jiuxin pills; 4. Mineral water should be prepared on the way for each person every day; 5. Due to the bad climate in Inner Mongolia, tourists should be reminded that: a self-contained cold jacket B self-contained cold medicine C in the north of China in July and August, the rain is mostly self-contained Rain gear; VI. tourists should bring valid certificates; VII. Guests must be in good physical condition before going out; VIII. Bring cameras and other daily necessities (please check whether batteries are enough before departure, if not, please buy before departure to avoid inconvenience); IX. for the sake of tourists' safety, during the journey, guests leave the group or go to other consumption places without permission of the tour guide( Nightclubs, bars, tea bars, Internet bars, etc.) shall be borne by the guests themselves, and the travel agencies shall not be responsible for the consequences; 10. Drinking is prohibited during the journey, and the travel agencies shall not be responsible for the adverse consequences after drinking; 11. Personal mobile phones shall be provided before the trip, so as to facilitate the contact; 12. During the trip, please keep the valuables properly, which are not related to the trip It's better not to bring items (such as jewelry); XIII. The extra expenses incurred by the guests themselves shall be borne by the guests themselves; XIV. It's recommended to prepare windbreaker when the maximum temperature of the local temperature is 25 ℃; fifthly, drink more water when the weather is dry. Wish you have a good time in the beautiful and rich prairie!