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What must I bring to Dali in March? List of items to be brought to Dali in March

Dali is located in Yunnan Province, China, with beautiful mountains and rivers, warm and pleasant climate. Dali has always been in the world's mind with such an impression. In addition to its beautiful scenery, Dali's leisurely slow life style also attracts busy people in the city. Dali is also a place where ethnic minorities live together. Its unique ethnic customs add a bit of charm to Dali. The temperature of Dali in March is suitable for a tour. So, what's the best way to take a trip to Dali in March?

March to Dali - must bring items

1, clothing

The historical temperature of Dali in March is 6 ℃ - 24 ℃, the highest temperature in the day is 24 ℃, the lowest temperature at night is 6 ℃, the temperature in the day is relatively suitable, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and the night is quite cold. Therefore, in March, in addition to light clothes such as woolen coat and windbreaker, you need to bring down clothes, cotton clothes and other warm clothes to prevent the cold at night.

2. Daily medicine

In March, I need to take some daily medicine to Dali, such as cold medicine, allergy medicine, carsickness medicine, etc., to effectively deal with acclimatization, cold and other situations.

3. Documents

To go to Dali, you need to bring all the documents, such as ID card, student ID card, etc. The ID card needs to be carried with you when you go out to travel, and you need it when you stay in a hotel. Student ID can be half price in many scenic spots. So, as students, we should cherish this half price travel day

March to Dali - precautions

1. Dali is a place where ethnic minorities live together, so when playing, we need to follow the local customs and respect the beliefs and customs of local ethnic minorities.

2. When staying in Dali, if you have enough money, you can live in the relatively prosperous Xiaguan. If you want to experience the local folk customs, you can choose to live in the ancient city of Dali. There are both economic hotels and accommodation in the ancient city, and the price is relatively cheap.

Scenic spot

Jinding temple is the highest temple in Jizu mountain. During the reign of Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty, nunnery was built. Later generations built Puguang hall, Guanfeng Pavilion and Shanyu Pavilion. Around the hall and pavilion, the city is surrounded by buildings, with four sides of the city as doors. During the reign of Chongzhen, Mu Tianbo, the Duke of the state of Guizhou, moved to Zhonghe Mountain Copper hall. In the thirtieth year of Kangxi (1691), all the halls and pavilions were burned down, leaving only the copper hall alone. In the following year, the governor, Mr. Fan Gong, Mr. Tidu Nuo Gong, and Mr. Yao'an were rebuilt. The temple of Maitreya at Toushan gate and the temple of protecting the Dharma at two gates have copper hall in which the Buddha is worshiped. The last one is the Buddha Hall and the second one is the monk's room. The original bright tower in the temple, which was rebuilt in 1929, was renamed Lengyan tower. The tower is 41 meters high and towering on the golden top with an altitude of 3220 meters, which is particularly spectacular. Climbing the tower, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. East View sunrise, west view canger, south view cloud sea, North view Yulong Snow Mountain.

Jinding temple is very spiritual. It's said that it's made of gold. If you meet a temple to eat, you can also go into the dining room in a big way, and then give a merit at will. There is free incense supply, but also free to please zhenzhaifu. In the end, it won't make you feel any business atmosphere.