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When is the opening time of Jizu mountain in Dali? Can student tickets be half price?

Dali is a city in Yunnan Province of China. The scenery here is very beautiful. Not only is there a very beautiful scenery here, but also the cultural connotation here is very profound. It's hard to find the origin of culture here. So if you want to see the scenery or understand Nanzhao culture, you can come to Dali tourism bar. Jizu mountain is a very famous tourist attraction in Dali If you want to visit Dali, you must visit Jizu mountain. So, what are the characteristics of Jizu mountain in Dali?

Dali Jizu mountain scenic spot

Jizu mountain is a national AAAA level scenic spot, a Buddhist holy land famous in South Asia and Southeast Asia, one of the top ten famous Buddhist mountains in China, a Buddhist ashram of gayebodhisattva, an important scenic spot of Dali scenic area, a national scenic spot, and a multi-functional tourism scene integrating Buddhist worship, Buddhist Research, tourism, science popularization and scientific research, which focuses on displaying Buddhist culture and ecological landscape District.

Jizu mountain is located in Binchuan County in the east of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, and is located in the dry and hot valley of Jinsha River. The climate is hot and dry, with little rain and drought. It has typical subtropical scenery. The temperature season is' short in winter and long in summer, similar in spring and Autumn ', and it can travel in four seasons.

The location of Jizu mountain is very superior. In front of Jizu mountain is Cangshan Erhai Lake, and behind Jizu mountain is Jinsha River. Moreover, Jizu mountain is a very special mountain. There are 40 odd mountains in the whole Jizu mountain. Among these 40 mountains, there are 13 more precipitous mountains, and the number of cliffs is about 34, and there are many secluded caves in Jizu mountain.

The natural landscape here is very beautiful. Jizu mountain has many strange, beautiful and quiet landscapes. Xu Xiake, a famous geologist in Ming Dynasty, once came to Jizu mountain. He also wrote many beautiful poems to praise Jizu mountain. The highest peak of Jizu mountain is Tianzhu peak, which is about 3000 meters high. If you want to see the sunrise in Jizu mountain, Zhufeng is the best scenic spot that day.

The highest peak of Jizu mountain is Tianzhu peak, with an altitude of 3248 meters. Jinding temple is located on top of Tianzhu peak, climbing on Tianzhu peak, overlooking sunrise in the East, Xiangyun in the south, Erhai Lake in the West and Yulong in the north. The sun, cloud, sea and snow of Jizu mountain are known as "four wonders in the world". In addition to the four views, Jizu mountain also has eight Views: Cangshan snow, Erhai Lake back to the haze, waterfall through the clouds, huashouqing snow, tower yard autumn moon, Tianzhu Buddha light, Wanhe Songtao, heavy cliff sunset.

There are four beautiful sceneries in Jizu mountain. One is the sun, the other is the sea, the third is the clouds, and the last is the snow. These are the most beautiful sceneries in Jizu mountain. Many literati and poets will come to Jizu mountain to have a look.


Binchuan Jizu mountain is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in China, the famous Buddhist holy land in Southeast Asia, the intersection of Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism, and the birthplace of Buddhist Buddhism in the world. It is also famous for its "four views and eight sceneries", and it is known as "the best chicken foot", "Lingshan Buddha capital", "tourist attraction", "Tiankai Buddhist country", "the first Foshan in China".

Arrival mode:

Tourists can take a long-distance bus from Kunming to Binchuan County, or take the Zhongba bus in Dali city to Binchuan County. Jinniu Town, where the county seat is located, has several buses to and from Jizu mountain every day. The ticket is 10 yuan and the journey is about 2 hours.

Ticket price of Jizu mountain:

60 yuan / person.

Half price discount for students with student ID card.

Opening hours: