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Does Wuhan travel cost much? How much does a 3-day tour of Wuhan cost at least?

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and the largest city and central city in Central China. The brilliant cherry blossom, lake view, rich food and rich history all add unique charm to Wuhan. Many people will choose to travel to Wuhan. So, how much does it cost to travel to Wuhan?

Wuhan tourism can be divided into off-season and peak season. The consumption level of Wuhan is medium, roughly equivalent to that of Chengdu, and lower than that of Beijing and Shanghai. 80-100 yuan per meal. Generally speaking, during the non holiday period, two people play for three days, not including the round-trip transportation cost, 1000-1500 yuan is basically enough Wuhan consumption level - most scenic spots, such as Wuhan University, Hubei Museum, East Lake, Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall, are open for free, and tickets for other scenic spots are not expensive. 2 yuan for bridgehead of Yangtze River Bridge, 10 yuan for Guiyuan temple, 10 yuan for Gude temple, and 80 yuan for Yellow Crane Tower. It's basically open all day.

Consumption level in Wuhan -- when you come to Wuhan, the capital of food, the cost of food is inevitable. A bowl of hot dry noodles is 10 yuan, two or three bean skins are 5 yuan, duck neck is 25 yuan, Shaomai is 5 yuan, tube is full, a Wuchang fish is 60-70 yuan, a braised prawn is 100-200 yuan Wuhan consumption level -- accommodation in Wuhan is concentrated in the urban area, near the railway station and scenic spot. Take the prosperous Optics Valley business district as an example, the hotel price is relatively high, about 600 yuan for five-star off-season, 150-200 yuan for economic standard room, and about 50 yuan for a bed in youth hotel. There will be a certain increase in the price of hotels on statutory holidays.

Consumption level of Wuhan - although Wuhan has a large area and complex terrain, it depends on developed transportation and is very convenient to travel. Basically, the trip depends on public transportation, bus 2 yuan, subway 2-7 yuan, ferry day 1.5 yuan, after 20:00 yuan. Many scenic spots are close to each other and can be reached on foot. It's really necessary to take a taxi. The starting price of 10 yuan is not high either 2 yuan / person time within 9 km (including 9 km) and 3 yuan / person time within 9-14 km (including 14 km). For each additional 1 yuan of mileage above 3 yuan, the mileage can be increased by 2 km compared with the previous section, and so on.