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How many airports are there in Lijiang? How can I get to Lijiang ancient town from the airport?

Lijiang can be said to be a good place for tourism. Every year, the number of tourists in Lijiang can be said to be leading in China. So, can I take a plane to visit Lijiang ancient city? Is there an airport in Lijiang? Which district is Lijiang Airport located in? How can I get to Lijiang ancient city from Lijiang Airport?

Lijiang Sanyi International Airport, located in Qihe Township, Gucheng District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China, is a 4D level civil transport airport, a national first-class port, a 'civilized Airport' in Southwest China, the second largest airport in Yunnan, a regional tourism hub airport in Yunnan, and the Third International Airport in Yunnan Province after Kunming Changshui International Airport and Xishuangbanna GASA International Airport.

Lijiang Airport is nearly an hour's drive from the ancient city!

The transportation modes from Lijiang Airport to Lijiang ancient city include:

Airport bus: 20 yuan / person, full departure, not directly to the ancient city, to the blue sky hotel, you can take a taxi to the ancient city, 7 yuan!

Taxi: there are many taxis at the exit of any airport. Lijiang Airport is no different. The price is 80 yuan / car, no clock!

If you take a taxi from the airport to the ancient city at a higher price, you can complain about it. It's expressly stipulated that drivers will not charge for it! Of course, before you get on the bus, it's best to ask the driver first!

Blue minivan: 80 yuan / car. At present, there is no limit to the number of people who use the blue minivan to arrange the pick-up. Generally, 7 people can take it.

Look at what way suits you. If there are many people, you can carpool. It's more economical!

At present, the price of taxis and blue minivans to Dayan ancient town is 80 yuan, and the price to Shuhe ancient town is 100 yuan.

Tip: take a taxi or a blue minivan. Remember to negotiate the price and the destination before you get on the bus. Otherwise, there will be conflicts at that time. It's mostly you, a stranger, who will suffer the loss!

At present, because there are too many inns in the ancient city, the competition is not generally fierce. In order to attract customers, many inns have preferential measures - stay for three or four nights, and provide free pick-up or delivery service! If you want to stay in an inn or book a friend for a few days, you can talk with the Inn and save!