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How long is the flowering period of rape in Pingshan? Which province does Pingshan belong to?

The golden rape flowers have gradually opened up, and now each big rape flower base has become a very popular tourist destination. As long as the viewing period is up, the rape flower scenic spots all over the country are full of people. Today, I recommend the 40000 Mu rape flower base in Zhongdu Town, Pingshan, where the rape flowers are also very good. So, how long is the rape flower period in Zhongdu Town, Pingshan? Where are the rape flowers in Pingshan?

Where are the rape flowers in Pingshan

Pingshan Zhongdu town is an ancient town, which is located in the northwest of Pingshan County in the south of Sichuan Province, about 64 kilometers away from Pingshan County. It is the third largest town in Pingshan County, where 45000 mu of rape flowers are planted. At present, it is the largest rape flower planting base in Sichuan Province. The scenery here is very original, and there is not much commercial atmosphere. It is still in the state of development, The catering and accommodation are not perfect either. The friends who want to go need to book in advance. Generally, they come here to enjoy flowers by themselves. The road is rugged. They must pay attention to safety when driving by themselves. It's better for the old driver to accompany them.

Rape flowers bloom for a long time in Pingshan

Due to the special geographical climate, the rape flowers here bloom relatively early, which is the earliest one in China. Compared with the rape flowers in other areas, they open at least one month earlier, and they basically open sporadically from the end of January. They will not wither until March next year. The flower sea covers the whole mountains, villages, depressions, riverbanks and houses. People stand tall You can have a panoramic view of the vast and spectacular sea of flowers.

I don't want to go to Wuyuan to see the rape flowers. The 40000 Mu rape flowers in Zhongdu must not be missed. The scenery when the flowers are blooming is also very charming. I don't need to worry about the scene of the mountains and the sea of people, but also can take pictures and enjoy the scenery slowly.