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Eight places suitable for children's play in Luoyang are carefully selected for each scenic spot!

Eight places suitable for children's play in Luoyang collected and arranged by the four seas are as follows:

1. It's very good to take the children to play in the Ocean Museum. Luoyang Longmen Ocean Museum is very suitable. There are eight exhibition areas, which can let children get close to the ocean and understand the mysterious animal world of the ocean. Not only can they see all kinds of animals in the ocean, such as sharks, starfish, lionfish, etc., but also all kinds of performances, such as people and sharks dancing together, fish feeding performance, mermaid performance, underwater magic and so on. In short, Longmen Ocean Museum It is a good place for children to feast their eyes and have fun.

2. Luoyang lavender manor is a place for children to play, and also a good place for parents and children to visit. The manor is adjacent to Longmen Grottoes. After visiting and playing the grottoes, you can come here for leisure. Covering an area of more than 6000 mu, the manor is a comprehensive creative agricultural sightseeing park, featuring agriculture, leisure and vacation, five-star hotel, etc. There are ecological agriculture areas in the manor, which are characterized by peach blossom forest and plum forest. Lavender is planted in purple flower field area, and rose is planted in Rose Valley area. You can relax yourself, get close to nature, and enjoy your parents' and children's time.

3. The Longtan Grand Canyon, a place suitable for children's play in Luoyang, is located in the north of Xin'an County, Luoyang City, 60 kilometers away from Luoyang. It is a Canyon Scenic Area with a typical geological and geomorphic landscape of Hongyan ZhangGu group, enjoying the reputation of "the first gorge of ZhangGu in China".

4. A place suitable for children to play in Luoyang - Jiguan cave, named after the mountain where it is located, is a natural limestone cave. The whole cave is divided into five layers, including Yuzhu lake, Yicai palace, diewei palace, dongtianhe, Juxian palace, yaotafu, zangxiu Pavilion and Shilin square. The scenery inside the cave is magnificent, winding and unfathomable, with the beautiful ridge of "the first cave in the north".

5. Luoyang is a place suitable for children to play. The huge and tight biological chain of animals and plants in muzaling shows the magic of nature. The average daily temperature in summer is no more than 26 ℃, which is the best place for summer leisure and exploration.

6. Luoyang is a place suitable for children to play - the spirit village has fresh air and good water scenery. The scenic area is divided into four viewing areas: the spirit garden, the spirit beautiful water, the spirit famous mountain, and the spirit ancient temple. The whole journey is over a small bridge, accompanied by the breeze; walking on the plank road, thinking about the past and the present; stepping on the stone steps, smoking and channeling; climbing on the ladder, you can see the sky.

7. The place suitable for children to play in Luoyang - chongdu ditch, chongdu ditch, has dense vegetation, beautiful bamboo forest and fun rafting. The journey is pleasant, enjoying nature and simplicity. It's cool in summer. It's a good place Rafting scenic spots around Luoyang: qingtianhe (ticket), Wulongkou (ticket), Yaoshan first drift, Shennong mountain (ticket), military secret cave rafting and other rafting and landscape scenic spots around Luoyang are also good choices for parents and children in summer vacation Recommendation of Luoyang parent-child tourist attractions - qingtianhe, where the green waves are rippling, charming and graceful, the water follows the mountain, turning back thousands of times; wild ducks follow the water, skimming over the water, the water and the sky are the same; the two sides are green, with macaques playing.

8. Travel around the world recommends places suitable for children to play in Luoyang - Wulongkou, where there are many monkeys. It's good to take the children. Feed the monkeys. Don't disturb the monkeys when they eat. They will get angry. The slide down the mountain is fun.