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When does Xinghua rape blossom? Where to see the best rape flowers in Xinghua?

There is a sea of flowers everywhere in March of Yangchun. At present, it may be rape flowers that bloom just in time. There is a golden color everywhere in the major flower viewing spots. This is also the change that best reflects the breath of spring. Xinghua rape flower is also a well-known rape flower land in China. So, when does Xinghua rape flower bloom? Where is the best scenic spot of Xinghua rape flower?

When does Xinghua rape blossom

In general, Xinghua's rape flowers are most suitable for several days before and after the Qingming Festival, that is, between April 5 and 15. It's also the most beautiful time. It's just three days of the Qingming Festival small and long holiday that we can come to Xinghua to see the rape flowers. It's also good to have a trip to the countryside. Moreover, Xinghua's rape flowers are mainly in the form of buttress fields, which form thousands of rape flower islets on the water surface A golden 'sea of flowers', endless, amazing.

Where is the rape flower scenic spot in Xinghua

Many people only know that Xinghua's rape flowers are very beautiful and distinctive, but it's not clear which is the scenic spot of Xinghua viewing rape flowers. It's qianduo scenic spot located in Ganggu Township, Xinghua City, Taizhou city. It's a rape flower field formed in the form of a thousand islands. The size of the buttress fields varies, and the pieces of buttress fields seem to float on the water surface, creating the most beautiful rape flower sea in the world. If you are interested in it You can take a boat through the sea of flowers, enjoy the golden scenery from another angle, and give you another play experience.

Xinghua's rape flowers must have different views in other places. The rape flowers here are like floating on the water. They have a different feeling, especially when they can shuttle in the sea of flowers by boat. This experience is also very good.