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What is the most beautiful place in Yunnan? Which month is the best time to visit Yunnan?

Yunnan has always been a place for literary and art youth to pursue and yearn for. Yunnan seems to be a magical existence. No matter where they go, even on the street corner, they will encounter different beauty. Because of these beautiful sceneries, Yunnan is also very popular with tourists. What's the best month to visit Yunnan?

The autumn of Diqing plateau is the most wonderful moment. In more than 20 days after the Mid Autumn Festival, the plateau is full of autumn. At this time, visit the lake, small Zhongdian, white snow, the scenery is very perfect!

For tourism to Yunnan, Lijiang mainly focuses on folk culture and experiences local life style, so season has little impact on Lijiang tourism. It can be said that Lijiang is a good time every month.

Kunming is suitable for tourism throughout the year. The best travel time is from March to October. This is the time with the most festivals for ethnic minorities in Yunnan, and also the season with the most fruits and flowers. Of course, the harvest of tourism will not be small.

Xishuangbanna belongs to the tropical rainforest climate. There is no hot summer in summer, no severe cold in winter, and the four seasons are warm and pleasant. The best travel time is from October to June of the next year.

It's best to visit Yunnan in a few months. You'd better find a suitable time to have a romantic invitation with Yunnan. Meet the most beautiful Yunnan and explore the bright south of colorful clouds.