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What kind of cigarettes do you have in Northeast China? What kind of cigarettes are good for you to

What kind of cigarettes are there in the Northeast?

The specialty of Northeast China -- piaohe yanpiaohe, also known as Guandong tobacco. It is a well-known nationwide sun cured tobacco produced in the piaohe village of Jiaohe City, Jilin Province. This is a canyon basin, known as the "floating river" by local farmers. The humus soil layer is deep, fertile, with abundant rainfall, and the climate is suitable for the growth of tobacco leaves. The land within dozens of miles can be planted. There are several varieties of piaohe tobacco, such as' red flower iron shortness', 'white flower iron shortness',' big green gluten 'and' big ear protectors'. There are many differences with other tobacco, mainly five characteristics: one is that the veins are opposite, commonly known as' opposite gluten tobacco ', which is not found in other tobacco leaves; the other is that the color is pure. After maturity, the tobacco leaves are dark red or marmalade red, oily, shiny and soft; the third is the strong fragrance, fragrant smell, no grass air, and the aftertaste is fragrant after smoking; the fourth is not cut off the fire, after burning, white ash, can also be smoked in any humid environment, such as fishermen on the sea and underground workers, due to the high humidity of the surrounding air, the general tobacco leaves can not be smoked, floating river smoke Can still smoke; five is after smoking does not choke the throat, does not cough. In the past, some of the old artists in the theatre and quyi circles were more willing to smoke from the river.

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What special products should I bring to my friends when I travel to Liaoning?

Shenyang Xita cold noodles

The cold noodles of West pagoda are of Korean characteristics. They are just soft. In summer, they are served with a bowl to relieve summer heat and thirst. In winter, they are served with a bowl that is cool to the bottom of the heart and warm to the heart. Plus some spicy cabbage, it's even different. There are two kinds of taste: salty and sweet.

Dalian -- braised seafood

Braise has almost become a special snack of Dalian people's complex. Its raw material is starch, which is made into solid small pieces in a special way, which are translucent. Fry these small pieces in a frying pan, a little bit burnt, and then drench them with soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, sesame paste and other seasonings, and sprinkle them with onion powder, garlic powder and other seasonings. A bowl of hot, fragrant 'stew' is ready. Now, stewed son has gradually come to the door. In some big hotels, you can eat seafood stewed son or sea cucumber stewed son. It has a local flavor, so you can try it.

Anshan Niuzhuang pie

Niuzhuang pie is a general designation of traditional craft pie in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province. It comes from the daily food of local people, and is famous for its thin skin, crispy and tender skin, various kinds of fillings and delicious taste. It occupies an extremely important place in the traditional food in the north. With mashed garlic, chili oil, mustard paste and other dip food, more delicious and palatable.

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Fushun -- spicy mix

Fushun, Liaoning Province, is a specialty product, mainly composed of potatoes, kelp knots, bean skin, balls, fish balls, cabbage, wide powder, chrysanthemum, cabbage, stuffy seeds, bean bubbles, crab sticks, mushrooms and other raw materials. It's similar to the raw materials of Malatang, but it's boiled and drained, mixed with salt, vinegar, sugar, peanut chips, chili, cumin, sesame oil, etc. and eaten. It's invented by Fushun people on the basis of the introduced Malatang. It's very popular, with sweet and sour taste, spicy taste, etc. There are also corresponding spicy mixes around Liaoning, but the most authentic ones are in Fushun.

Benxi -- xiaoshiyangtang

Benxi small city 'Yangtang' is famous in Northeast China. I've heard for a long time that it would be a great regret for me to go to a small market without drinking mutton soup. Talking about mutton soup is a good thing. Stew the bones, meat and viscera of the goat in the large pot of Tuzao for several hours. When the soup is milky white, put the soup, meat and chopped viscera in the pot, and add salt, pepper, coriander, pepper, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings into the soup. It is delicious to eat when it is hot.

Dandong -- yellow clam

Guo Lin of the Qing Dynasty praised its delicacy in "sweet osmanthus & middot; yellow clam". In Dandong, yellow clams can be boiled, stir fried and mixed in soy, but the favorite way to eat is charcoal barbecue. Put the spitting yellow clam on the red charcoal fire. The clam shell slowly opens with the hot water vapor. At this time, use chopsticks to put the plump and juicy clam meat into the mouth, which is delicious, sweet and wonderful.

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Jinzhou Goubangzi smoked chicken

Goubangzi smoked chicken began in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty. The reason why Goubangzi smoked chicken is delicious lies in the excellent selection of materials, and there are more than ten processes from chicken selection to smoking. The smoked Goubangzi smoked chicken not only has a bright red color and smells fragrant, but also tastes tender, rotten and silky. It is suitable for saltiness and rich in nutrition.

Today's Goubangzi smoked chicken is led by Yinjia smoked chicken and Hejia smoked chicken. One of the interesting things is that every time there is a place where Yin family smoked chicken, there is he family smoked chicken on the opposite side; if there is he family smoked chicken, there will be no less Yin family smoked chicken, and Jinzhou people jokingly call this state KFC and McDonald's. Hejia smoked chicken is characterized by fragrance, ripeness, tenderness, rottenness and silk, fat but not greasy, while Yinjia smoked chicken is characterized by strong taste. The two have become two wonderful flowers of Goubangzi smoked chicken.

Yingkou - Gaizhou string

Gaizhou snacks are also very famous, especially the barbecue special string. It's delicious and cheap. You must try it when you go.

Fuxin -- Qinggou fish feast

Daqinggou in Zhangwu County is rich in more than 30 kinds of fish, including carp, silver carp, crucian carp, catfish, grass carp and turtle. At present, the largest fish is more than 40 kg. Qinggou fish feast can be described as all kinds of color, fragrance, taste and type. There are three main characteristics of Qinggou fish feast: first, fish is delicious and tastes pure. Second, the cooking skill is superb. Different fish uses different methods and different parts of fish to make different flavors of delicacies. Third, there are various cooking methods. There are more than 20 kinds, such as braised in brown sauce, dry fried, sweet and sour, stewed, steamed, sour and spicy, slippery, etc.

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Liaoyang -- tatatang

Tangta in Liaoyang is one of the traditional names of the Han nationality with a long history. Tata sugar not only has a special flavor but also has a beautiful appearance. It is like a plum blossom with many holes. It tastes crispy, fragrant and delicious. Its color is white and delicate, and it will not change after summer heat. The three treasures in Liaoyang City are tatatang, dried pear and uracao.

Tieling -- beef fire spoon

I'm afraid no one in Tieling knows when it comes to beef fire spoon. As early as 20 years ago, eating a beef fire spoon was also something people enjoyed talking about. Choose tender beef, green onion, fresh ginger, sesame oil and stuffing, and make skin with slightly granular sand surface. The oven is made of crispy skin with golden color and round and long shape. The hot spoon out of the pot is scorched outside and tender inside. It's crispy and delicious. It's fragrant when smelled. It's fat but not greasy. It's our northern flavor snack. It's a halal food. It's delicious with fragrant mutton soup.

Chaoyang Lingyuan cylinder furnace cake

Take wheat flour as the main material, add a certain amount of salt and alkali to the flour according to the proportion, knead it repeatedly, roll it into a large piece, rub the pastry evenly on the piece, roll it together and divide it into each flat dough of about 100g weight, put it in the disk and grind it into a round cake with both hands, stick sesame seeds on one side of the round cake, and bake it in the oven. It's made by slow fire. It's yellowish on the outside but not burnt. It's soft and mellow inside. It's special about big pastry, many layers, even sesame seeds, enough heat and small moisture. Because of the early use of porcelain Cylinder plate on the furnace wall, it is called cylinder furnace pancake. When baking, the pancake is pasted on the top of the furnace, which is called hanging furnace pancake.

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Panjin river crab

Panjin inland is low-lying and flat, with vertical and horizontal ditches, and the output of river crabs ranks first in the country. When it comes to eating crabs, we have to talk about the practice of river crabs. In addition to the most common cooking, there is a more original way to eat raw brine. Raw brine, that is to say, the living crab is put into the brine and pickled for several days. It tastes delicious and tastes tender and juicy. The key of raw brine crab lies in the preparation of brine. The brine crab looks like a fresh crab, and it is lifelike when put on the plate. Its meat is tender, tastes delicious, and has strong wine flavor, sweet flavor and rich nutrition.

Huludao -- Suizhong stone mill tofu

Suizhong Shimo tofu is a famous local food, which can be eaten in local farmers. It's not only unique, but also exquisite in eating. The tofu must be marinated. It's usually marinated meat. First scoop the marinated food into a dish, match it with minced garlic, chili, leek flower and coriander according to personal taste, and then clip the tofu into the dish with chopsticks, so that you can enjoy this delicious food incisively and vividly! When you're eight minutes full, use some sorghum rice, tofu and marinated food, and then enjoy a 'cat meal', which has no flavor.

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Which month is the best travel to Liaoning?

The suitable season for northeast tourism depends on where you go. For example:

The best travel time in Harbin is summer and winter. Harbin summer weather is cool, pleasant climate, tree lined, is an ideal place for summer vacation. In winter, though the weather is cold, you can see the snow and ice which are different from the water town in the south of the Yangtze River, the jade world and qiongzhi everywhere, together with the unique ice lamp, fog song and various ice and snow entertainment activities, you can fully feel the infinite joy of ice and snow.

If you go to Dalian, it's mostly to find the cool sea water in the hot summer. Therefore, the best time to travel in Dalian is summer. Dalian can swim in the sea from the end of June to the beginning of September every year.

The best travel time of Mudanjiang is from June to September every year. During this period, the average temperature is 17.3 ℃, and the water level is also the highest season of the whole year. The waterfall is quite spectacular, with little wind, so the waves in the lake are as flat as a mirror, and the characteristics of "Jingbo lake" are more prominent.

In addition to Changbai Mountain, which is suitable for summer, December to march is the best travel time.

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What are the necessary places to travel to Liaoning?

Tiger Beach

Dalian Tiger beach marine park is located in the middle of the south coast of Dalian, a national scenic spot. It covers an area of 1.18 million square meters and has a winding coastline of more than 4000 meters. In the park, blue sky, blue sea, green mountains and rocks, and mountains and rivers blend together to form a beautiful coastal scenery. It was first criticized by the National Tourism Administration as AAAAA level scenic spot, a well-known tourism brand in China, and passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. Tiger beach marine park is a modern marine theme park that displays marine culture, highlights the Bincheng characteristics and integrates sightseeing, entertainment, science popularization, shopping and culture.

Huludao Xingcheng seaside

Xingcheng seaside is a national scenic spot. She is very similar to Seattle in the United States and Qingdao in China. The bathing beach, which stretches for 14 kilometers, consists of Xinghai Bay, Ganggang Bay, Bingjia Bay and Laolongwan, i.e. the first, second and third four bathing beaches. It is the largest natural bathing beach in the north of China. There is no reef in the bathing beach. The beach on the shore is soft and white. It is crystal clear. The water is suitable for the depth of the sea. The water is stable and clear. The beach is open and covered with green trees. It is a natural paradise for the sea to give to the world.

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Located at the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula and the westernmost part of Dalian City, bordering on the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, it faces Shandong Peninsula across the sea. It is a national key scenic spot, a National Nature Reserve, a National Forest Park and a famous historical and cultural city. In 1371, Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of Ming Dynasty, sent Ma Yun and Ye Wang to guard