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What are the suitable places for spring outing in Yunnan? They are the most suitable place to visit

Spring has never been short of beautiful scenery, especially in Yunnan, which is the most beautiful in any season. So, where is Yunnan's spring fun? Where is the most beautiful place in Yunnan in spring? Yunnan is the best choice for those who want to go for a walk.


Luoping is not so beautiful in spring. In February and March every year, it becomes a gathering place for tourists and photographers. A large number of golden rape flowers are blooming here. The rape flowers here are also the earliest in China. Come here to see the golden flower sea and take the most beautiful pictures, especially the morning fog of rape flowers in the Golden Chicken peak cluster. They are also domestic photographers How can I miss such a beautiful place.

Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake is far less famous than Lugu Lake, but the scenery of Fuxian Lake is no less beautiful than Lugu Lake. The lake water is clear and blue, which looks like a piece of blue transparent glass from afar, so it is also called "glass Lake". When you have any trouble, you come here to be dazed, watch the breeze gently blow the ripples on the lake surface, and any big trouble can slowly fade away with the lake water.

Napa sea

Napa sea is the largest wetland in Yunnan Province. It has different sceneries all the year round. It's really beautiful to go to NAPA sea in spring. There are rape flowers and various wild flowers on both sides of the road. The grassland is covered with green grass. Cows and sheep chew grass and play. You can choose to cycle around the lake without sharp turns. The road is also wide. You can take photos while riding.

Hani Terraces

It's very suitable to go to Hani Terrace in spring. You can see the magnificent scenery of irrigation in the terrace. The terrace filled with water has a sense of hierarchy. Under the sunlight, it looks very magnificent. The wild cherry blossom, wild wood cotton, wild peach blossom and Tang pear blossom are all over the mountain. The beauty is suffocating. The photographer's favorite picture is the terrace covered by fog, like a fairyland 。

There are so many amazing sceneries in Yunnan in spring that friends who are going to visit Yunnan for a visit can choose a good destination. If you don't know where Yunnan is fun in spring, you can refer to the introduction of Xiaobian. These places are very beautiful.