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What are the more interesting attractions in Xi'an? Check the necessary scenic spots in Xi'an

As an ancient capital of a thousand years, Xi'an has built many walls. In recent years, the development of Xi'an is also relatively fast, and the tourism industry in Xi'an is rising rapidly. So, what are the tourist attractions in Xi'an? Why do you have to go to these scenic spots to Xi'an?

1. Ancient city wall of Xi'an

Xi'an ancient city wall is one of the most complete ancient city walls in China, and also the largest and most complete existing ancient city wall in the world. At sunset, you can walk slowly at the foot of the city wall, or you can buy a ticket to the city wall, take a walk on the wall by bike, and look at the whole Chang'an city.

2. Xi'an Dayan tower

The wall is not far from the bell tower. You can line it up. Leisurely walk to the bell tower, look up, and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Chang'an city. Everyone has to come to the bell tower at night. When night falls, the bell tower lights up and becomes colorful?

3. Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors

This is one of the greatest projects in the world, known as the eighth wonder of the world, and also a great discovery in the history of Archaeology in the 20th century. In Xi'an, even people who don't know history should have a look. The whole museum is like a big park. It takes about ten minutes to get to the three terracotta pits. When I went, it was time for spring and summer exchange. There were many beautiful flowers in the garden. All the way, flowers are in full bloom.

There are three terracotta pits in it. People who don't know the history may be busy, so it's better to find a commentator to explain it to you. Otherwise, I really don't understand. Don't worry about asking the translator for money. Tickets are still expensive. Don't waste money on tickets. Ask for professional explanations.

Pit 1 is the largest of the three. There are soldiers everywhere, and they are still digging. Then Pit 2 and pit 3 are horses, generals and horses, which are much smaller than Pit 1, but they are also worth seeing. There is still work to be done. The last exhibition hall is a bronze chariot. It's really shocking to see these ruins that have been sleeping for more than 2000 years.

4. Huimin Street

Similar to Ciqikou in Chongqing, Huimin street is the gathering place of Xi'an specialty. Although locals don't recommend eating here, it's expensive and uneconomical to cheat people. However, I think I only need a few days to travel. I want to eat all the food in one place. I have been traveling in this place. It's not worth travelling to another place. I don't know how much time it took, so I still think I can come here for dinner. But instead of going to the main road, you can go to a slightly less crowded fork in the road. The taste is the same, the price will be much cheaper. Of course, besides eating, we can also shop here and buy some souvenirs.

5. Academy gate

If you come to Xi'an, you must go to the university culture street full of ink and scrolls. This place is totally different from Hui Street, entering a quiet world. There are antique buildings on both sides of the street. At the foot of the street is a road paved with bluestone. There are tall and burly locust trees on both sides of the road. Behind the tall locust trees, the red paint lattice is half open, and the big and small lake pens hang down from the eaves. The door is engraved with elegant and auspicious characters, representing the glory of the past. There are many folk handicraft shops on the street, inscription topology, ancient musical instruments, paper cutting and shadow with local characteristics, such as the collection of everything. Therefore, it is also a way for Xi'an people to be proud of their cultural relics and calligraphy.

This street has a variety of plaques and couplets, a variety of calligraphy and painting ink, a complete specification of four treasures and a variety of folk crafts, which makes it a famous pedestrian street in Xi'an city.

6. Shaanxi History Museum

Every city will visit the local museum, and Shaanxi History Museum is no exception. As a province with a long history, Shanbo is a province that knows about Shaanxi, or the history of China as a whole, which is worth visiting. This is the outside door. Generally speaking, not many people. After entering the museum, this is an entrance door.

7. Tang lotus garden

Tang lotus garden doesn't need to say much, but it's important to look better at night. The Tang style large-scale royal garden style cultural theme park is still worth visiting, and the hibiscus garden at night is very beautiful. The world's largest water curtain film is staged every night, combining music fountains, lasers, flames, mines and water mist, giving visitors a three-dimensional sense of shock.

At 20 p.m., there is a water curtain animation. After the water curtain animation, there was a whole acrobatic singing and dancing performance, but I saw the performance "Tang banquet", which was very wonderful. The performances are all performed under Ziyun building. The stairs of Ziyun building are the best places to watch.